Children’s shelves are decorative elements that should not be missing in our children’s rooms. They can be made in many ways and are perfect for keeping everything in order.

The children’s shelves are the perfect complement to decorate the bedroom or study room of our children. These not only allow you to optimize the space, but also add color and custom designs that children love.

Today we can find children’s shelves in many forms in furniture stores. In fact, manufacturers have opted for them in different projects and in different materials. However, we can also do them at home, as there are many easy ideas to carry out.

The best of all is that we will not always need to buy expensive materials, since some proposals invite us to reuse some elements that we have forgotten at home. Are you interested? Do not miss the suggestions that we share below.

Children’s shelves that you will like to have at home

The key to keeping our child’s room from looking cluttered or cluttered is to have a good shelf. This type of furniture optimizes space and is the perfect place to organize toys, books and other items.

There are simple and modern varieties that bring a clean design to the bedroom. In addition, many are made with recycled materials and are ideal for adding a “dash” of color and fun to this part of the house. Discover some ideas!

1.- Shelving with wooden boxes

One of the children’s shelves that is attracting the most attention is the one that can be made with several wooden boxes. These have a handmade shape that goes very well with many of the decorative elements of the children’s room.

2. Children’s shelf with skateboard decks

The old skateboards that our children stop using are an ideal item to make a new shelf. Their shape and size are perfect to adapt them anywhere on the wall, in such a way that they are available to organize various objects.

3. Shelving with ladder

A wooden ladder can easily be transformed into a cute children’s bookcase for the nursery or toddler room. Due to its interesting design we can easily adapt it to any free space. Of course, we must insure it well to avoid accidents.

4. With wood, in the shape of a tree

This idea proposes us to make a shelf with several wooden boxes that form a tree. It is perfect for the private space of children because its design inspires and they love it. The best thing is that you can decorate its surroundings to make a whole landscape.

5. Shelving with recycled wood

Wooden boards can always be reused in a new craft. In this case we propose to make some simple children’s shelves that serve, for example, to store our children’s storybooks.

6. Shelf with old books

If you want a bookcase for your children’s library or study room, this idea is a great option. It consists of recycling some old books to make a very interesting organizer. These objects are not too heavy and adapt easily to the wall.

7. Hanging wood and rope shelves

Hanging shelves add a stylish touch to the room and are useful for organizing toys or books. In addition, they are very easy to make, because you only need to make some holes in the wood and then pass the rope.

8. Batman children’s shelves

At home you can make your own children’s shelves with personalized designs. If you like this Batman project, buy a piece of wood that is about 3mm thick. Once you have it handy, draw the Batman silhouette, cut it with a marquetry bow and decorate it.

9. Cloud-shaped

The cloud-shaped children’s shelves are ideal for the rooms of babies or young children. If you have the ability to handle mdf, this is a simple and beautiful option. The steps are similar to the previous idea: draw, cut and decorate to taste.

10. Shelves with little house design

The wood is very manageable and we can mold it to many curious designs of organizers. In this case we propose a simple project in the shape of a house. It is ideal for decorating the walls of the room and, incidentally, organizing toys and books.

Children’s shelves: final comments

Did you like these ideas? As you can see, it is very easy to make your own children’s shelves. You just have to put your creativity to the test to give each one your own personalized touch. So, get to work!

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