With a little imagination and expertise in DIY issues, you can make your terrace a decorated and cozy place without spending extra money.

Nowadays, many apartments come with a small terrace, which is often the only place where you can enjoy the outdoors. However, since it is a space that is sometimes small, you may not come up with ideas to decorate your terrace.

In this sense, there are several accessories and furniture that allow you to modify it so that it is much more comfortable and attractive. Here are 11 good ideas so you don’t hesitate to try it at home without having to spend too much. Take note!

Decorate your terrace: 11 simple tricks

Often in cities the terraces are the only parts of the house where you can enjoy fresh air and sunlight. However, many are wasted.

All in all, it is a harmonious area, very different from the interior. For this reason, for some time many have been interested in decorating it and giving it a more welcoming appearance to share with the family.

To do this, below we offer you 11 simple tricks to decorate your terrace and turn it into a living and pleasant space. Some are not very difficult to carry out and the necessary materials are easy to obtain and inexpensive. Shall we start?

1. Place shelves on your terrace

One of the best ways to take advantage of the reduced space of the terrace is by putting shelves on the walls. In addition, these are very easy to install and serve to place small decorative objects or pots with flowers.

In fact, sometimes objects are placed on the terrace without rhyme or reason that end up disturbing the floor, in addition to creating an unsightly and messy effect. Thus, these shelves can help you precisely to better organize those objects: such as watering cans, flowerpots, lanterns… In this way, your terrace will be tidy and at the same time will be pleasing to the eye.

2. Use colored fabrics to decorate your terrace

To make the place more inspiring and attractive, choose upholstery and fabrics in various colors. Also, make sure that these are resistant to the sun so that they do not deteriorate soon. Keep this trick in mind for decorating furniture, armchairs, shelves and all kinds of balcony accessories.

3. Create a bright environment

The lighting plays an important role in the environment of this area. And it is that this can have many benefits for psychological and visual well-being.

During the day it is possible to take advantage of the solar rays, but at night you have to install lamps, bulbs or other light sources. To do this, create your own recycled chandeliers or make some pretty lamps out of colored glass bottles.

4. Use wooden boxes to decorate your terrace

Fruit boxes or wooden crates that are no longer useable can be painted to provide an alternative to flower pots. In addition, this is an interesting proposal because the wood will give a more beautiful and cozy touch to the place.

5. Don’t forget the plants to decorate your terrace

Choosing several species of small plants is the best way to give a relaxing and harmonious air to this space. However, its shapes and colors must be taken into account so that they combine with each other and do not make the site look saturated.

6. Make a piece of furniture out of a tire

Furniture with tires is a classic when it comes to decorating and recycling. In addition, these are not only quite cheap but they give a very nice design to the place. They can all be lined with furniture fabrics or other materials to give them a more attractive and comfortable look.

In the example in the image, a proposal is launched with thick rope, which is fixed with silicone or other fine glue.

7. Put hanging plants on a ladder

An old and useless ladder can be transformed into an article to hang various types of plants. To do this, place it in one of the corners of the terrace, put the herbs you want and make sure it is firm.

8. Decorate your terrace with pallets

There are several types of pallet crafts, both for the interior and for the garden and other external areas of the home. Moreover, as it is a resistant material, it is possible to give it different shapes and create various types of furniture.

9. Make a table out of an industrial coil

Coils of industrial wiring are very useful for creating crafts and can also be used as part of the terrace decoration. Thus, if you use a paint that combines with the rest of the decoration, you can make a very nice and useful coffee table.

10. Make a seat out of a plastic box

Plastic boxes are those in which water and other types of commercial beverages are transported. If for some reason you have one or two at home, try making this decorative upcycled chair.

To do this, you just have to make a small opening in one of the sides using a jigsaw. Then fix it to the floor with a few screws and give it comfort with some soft cushions.

11. Place plants in glass jars

The glass jars give a very nice appearance to the spaces and are quite useful for storing various objects. In this special case, we recommend fixing them on wooden boards to fill them with soil and plant small plants.

What can you do on your decorated terrace?

Once you have decorated your terrace, the activities that you can do on it will depend on its size. On the one hand, in larger spaces you may be able to host a small cookout.

On the other hand, on smaller terraces where only one or two people can fit, you have the possibility to take the opportunity to sunbathe and obtain vitamin D(always at the right hours and with protection), while reading a book, relaxing or talking to a friend… You have many possibilities.

In any case, it is clear that the more attractive and welcoming your terrace is, the more you want to take advantage of it. In addition, these ideas are very simple, inexpensive and, like many are made with reused materials, respectful with the environment. So, what are you waiting for to decorate your terrace?

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