Here are some crafts to decorate your spaces in a simple, fast and definitely very original way. Take aim!

Fortunately, today there is not so much fear when it comes to being creative and making crafts to decorate spaces. This is especially true thanks to the spread and popularity of tutorials available on the Internet.

What is sought is to see beyond the flat, take advantage of objects and not be limited by the traditional use of them. After all, personalizing the home is in our hands.

Of course, we must try to go beyond our comfort zone. This does not imply that we have to go out of budget, on the contrary, we can save much more if we dare to look for ideas that allow us to take advantage of the things we already have and how to beautify them with little effort.

Next, we will show you different ideas for your home. They will help inspire you, breathe new life into your home, and certainly allow you to explore your skills.

Let out all your creativity in order to make every corner of your home, original and beautiful. 

Craft ideas to decorate your spaces

1. With lamps

Lamps, in general, tend to create a better environment for the places where they are placed.
The simplest way to achieve a pleasant and original lighting is to do it with a paper lamp and decorated to your liking.

Cut out tissue paper in circles or forming geometric shapes, stick them on the paper lamp.
Take into account the colors that you include, since depending on that, the lighting will be generated in those tones.

2. Decorate your bed

The bed is usually the center of attention in the room. At present, wooden headboards have become fashionable.
If you don’t want the wooden headboard, you can paint your wall with an elegant vinyl to give life to your bed base.

3. Old stairs

Crafts to decorate the home also allow us to rescue certain elements that, in general, we drop into disuse and put aside in a corner. For this reason, in order not to waste these types of elements, we suggest you take them out of that closet in which they are taking up space unnecessarily and give it a new utility.

In this case, you can find that old ladder that you don’t use and rescue it with a little spray paint and varnish. They can serve both as hangers for clothes to shelves in which to place decorative objects of all kinds.

4. Boxes and pictures in the bathroom

Regardless of the size of our bathroom, we can adapt the boxes and pictures with different motifs, depending on our preferred decoration style. The good thing about these types of elements is that we can renew them as many times as we want. 

5. Cans and cans

Reuse containers, cans and cans. Made of plastic, glass, aluminum, etc. A very good way to decorate the kitchen is to reuse the containers that are no longer useful to you. Some of them can be used to store your kitchen utensils in a much more pleasant and visually pleasing way(while remaining practical): wooden spoons, sharp knives, etc.

6. Fabric organizer

The decoration of the room is the most important, since it is where we receive our family, friends or acquaintances and where we spend the most time.

A fabric organizer will give more life to the corner of your room and there you can put all your books, magazines, small plants and other accessories in order. The best thing is that this type of furniture is very easy to move, clean and move, so you can dispose of it with total comfort.

7. Photographs and images

These types of crafts made with photographs usually decorate many parts of the interior of our house. There are a large number of possibilities in crafts to decorate with photos. From collages with snapshots to framing them in different frames made by ourselves. 

Remember that photographs are very important because they relive different important moments in our lives or reflect our preferences, among other aspects of our personality.

8. Threads

To create textures with threads you only need a board, nails, a hammer and scissors. First place the brads creating a vertical row. You must be very careful that they are always at the same distance. Then use colored threads to join the nails together until it is as desired.

9. Blackboards

There are multiple ideas to decorate our walls with slates, today we find different colors and it is no longer limited to the typical dark tones. Thus, you can use them in the kitchen to write down recipes or the shopping list, in the study in the form of a practical calendar or simply use it to leave fun notes.

10. Tree coat rack

Coat racks don’t always have to be your typical pole with arms left in a corner. You can also paint one on a wall, and put some good nails to make better use of the space and play with your creativity on the wall. For example, you can paint a tree. This is a very practical style.

11. Marker to customize

Give life to your unicolor tableware with markers of different colors. For example, you can paint the figures, names or drawings that you like the most. Unleash your imagination and don’t be afraid to include colors other than black.

12. Tires

A good option is to make a small bench or chair with the help of a tire and recycled materials. Also, this is very simple and fast to create. You can decorate the benches with different types of materials depending on what you have thought.

There are hundreds of crafts to decorate our home and create unique styles. It’s all about getting a little carried away and being crafty with the elements.

Dare and get that original home that you want so much!

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