By reusing the fruit drawers, we can achieve an original, economical and personalized decoration for different spaces in the house while keeping them organized.

Wooden fruit drawers are very easy to recycle if we use a little imagination. In addition, as they are made of a resistant material, we can give them many interesting uses as storage or surfaces to place things.

If we do not have any at home, but we are interested in using them in crafts, we can also buy them in the nearest greengrocers or supermarkets.

Here, we share 20 clever ways to recycle them into decorative items for our home. Take note!

How to use the fruit crates at home?

Sometimes we accumulate objects and utensils at home that we no longer use as at the beginning and that now only take up space. However, why not give them a second life? Perhaps we can no longer give them the same use as before, but perhaps we can give it a new use and with it, decorate the home in a very original way.

In addition, we will be contributing to the environment by reusing these objects instead of throwing them away. Therefore, today we leave 20 ideas to recycle those boxes of fruit that we no longer use. Its preparation is not complicated and will give our homes a cozy touch.

1. Side table

To make a side table with fruit drawers, it is only necessary to polish the drawer using sandpaper. Next, it is painted in the color that we like the most. Finally, we put wheels on it to transform it into a side table to store magazines.

2. Mirror and shelf

If we put a mirror at the bottom of one of the boxes, we can get a nice item to put in the room or another space in the house. Additionally, we can put another two drawers on the sides to get shelves to organize accessories.

3. Accessory drawer

With a paint that matches the walls of our room we can paint a nice drawer to accommodate the small accessories that we use daily.

In addition, this will help us to give a more organized, as well as pleasant, look to our room, which can also do a lot for our mood. Continuing with the Interior Designer idea of harmony, it is not the same to be in a messy and chaotic room than in an orderly one. 

4. Kitchen organizer with fruit drawers

Using colored paints or decorative adhesive paper, we can create organizers to store dishes or food in the kitchen.

5. Bench with shoe rack

Among the ideas to recycle this type of boxes, this is one of our favorites. However, it is important that the wood is strong enough to be used as a stool.

To do this, we first have to paint the drawer with a spray. Then, we line one of its sides with fabric and cotton and use the hollow space to put the shoes.

6. Furniture for the garden

If we join several drawers with nails, we can make a rustic shelf to put in the garden. In this we can place small plants, pots and many other gardening elements.

7. Chest of drawers for children

We just have to paint a big box with fun colors. Then, we put other smaller boxes inside it to make a children’s chest of drawers.

8. Small living room furniture

Inside a large wooden box, we located several painted fruit crates. Then, we can use them as a living room furniture to store magazines, books or whatever we can think of.

9. Small magazine rack made with fruit drawers

After polishing the wood, a little, we paint or decorate it as we like to obtain a small magazine rack. It is very simple and will allow us to get all our creativity.

10. Pet bed

If the fruit box is large enough to put our pet to bed, we make the appropriate cuts. Then, we put a fluffy filling and we line it. Thus, we will get a pet bed, cute and quite inexpensive.

11. Coffee table

To make it, we just have to glue several boxes that match their size. Thus, we will create a coffee table to put on the terrace or patio.

12. Craft box

We used a wood color paint to get a multipurpose drawer for the house. Then we can put decorative flowers, magazines or anything else that we don’t know how to organize.

13. Train for children from crates of fruit

To make a lovely craft for the children, we will use three or four crates of fruit to make a pretty train. Then we can paint each wagon a different color and place inside the objects that the child wants: stuffed animals, strollers, etc.

To do this, we first paint them with bright colors. Then we put wheels on them and voila! We encourage parents to play with their little ones.

14. Book drawers

This fruit crate craft is so easy to do. To do this, we only have to insert two or three drawers into the wall and then use them to accommodate the books.

15. Organizers on wheels

These organizers are perfect for those who have very little storage space in their rooms. To make them, we start by decorating the boxes. Next, we put wheels on them and put them under the bed so that everything looks neat.

16. Fruit drawer shelf for living room

Instead of spending large sums of money on a piece of furniture to decorate our living room, it is possible to join several painted wooden boxes and make a shelf.

17. Wall organizer

First, we polished the boxes and fixed them to the wall to get some interesting organizers. Another interesting idea is to give each one a name, so that all our objects are classified.

18. Toy shelf

With a well-polished and painted box, we create a nice shelf to put in our children’s rooms. Then, we decorate according to our taste and we put toys on it to make it look much prettier.

19. Bathroom cabinet with fruit drawers

First, we join two boxes of fruit. Afterwards, we paint them and place them in the bathroom to organize towels, cleaning products and some decorative element.

20. Pot for the garden

Finally, we will explain how to make a flowerpot with fruit drawers. And it is possible to give a different look to our garden using this type of drawers as pots for our plants. It will be fantastic!

Get an original decoration with fruit drawers

Interesting, right? Now that we’ve learned how to take advantage of this very common element, let’s start having fun making our own creations at home. 

In addition, this will allow us to awaken our creativity while entertaining us and giving a unique touch to the home. We can also ask our family to help us have fun and do activities together. So, do we dare to try it at home?

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