The contemporary decoration design admits the variety of plants that we want, as long as we take into account that their colors and shapes combine with the rest of the elements.

When decorating our home, we find a multitude of styles and different trends that invade the homes of our acquaintances and relatives. We want to tell you what plants you can add to your contemporary home, some perfect plants that will go like a glove in your home.

Contemporary style

The contemporary style is very elegant, since large spaces are usually built where everything remains in its place and organized. It is not a simple and clean aesthetic as minimalism conveys, but rather warmth is added, either by the different use of materials such as stone, noble woods or high-quality fabrics.

Getting a house or home to our liking is not something that is achieved in two days, it even takes years until each piece is in its place as we want it. Everything is a machinery that has to work for us to be comfortable.

The most important thing to carry out this style to decorate our home is the choice of the best materials.

Wood floors, tiles or innovative ceramic should be chosen well. A suitable option should also be chosen for the walls, whether they are stone, brick or plastered.

The balance between the decoration and the main elements is constantly sought so that they complement each other properly and we have a beautiful house.

The best plants for our contemporary decoration

Contemporary decoration also includes the use of flowers, plants and trees. Every little detail is taken care of and the plants can give a totally different and fantastic air to our house.

The interior of a home is a world apart, the personality of each individual is reflected and transports you to their world. Plants give touches of light, energy and, of course, that green color that reminds us and transports us to nature.

If you still do not have plants at home, we will tell you which ones could best decorate your home in the best way.

1. Gardenia bonsai

Bonsai can be pleasantly decorating our house. In this case, choosing a gardenia bonsai is a very good way to illuminate any corner of the house.

L as white flowers bring life and good energy. When it blooms it will give off a pleasant smell, the ideal is to place it in a vase or a pot according to the size of the plant and with the decoration of the rest of the house.

2. Succulent garden

It has become fashionable to decorate the interior of our homes with succulents. They are becoming more and more popular around the world, because they are easy to care for, grow quickly and give a great touch to any space in our home.

They are a type of plant that requires very little amount of water, they do not wilt and you can place them in any type of original container to create different pots. Try planting them in recycled glass jars, soda cans, or canning containers.

3. Bamboo poles

Bamboo is one of the best plants to place in a contemporary home. Bamboo poles can make great centerpieces when all your flowers are out. You can put them in vases or elongated jars and create a bamboo bouquet.

Bamboo can be placed in the kitchen, bathroom or living room. They do not require much care and can survive only being in contact with water or planted in the ground.

4. Flower combinations

The flowers are not as long-lasting because they wither and fall in about a week; however, we can change the appearance of our stay more times this way, although it will be a little more expensive.

The flowers offer a great visual impact and the combinations can be classic, exotic or warm, depending on the type of flower you choose. Floral designs can also be a good way to decorate our home because they give off very good aromas.

Contemporary flower arrangements are characterized by the use of vivid color, contrasts, shapes and textures stand out. In addition, they provide a lot of movement and rhythm to any piece of furniture or room where they are placed.

  • You can play with the containers where you place the flowers to find different aesthetics and styles. Reused glass vases, clay jars or jugs.

There are no limits when it comes to decoration. If you are fond of decorating interiors, surely you will get to work to give it that distinguished touch with these varieties of plants.

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