We give you some tips so you can decorate a small kitchen. In this way, you and yours will be able to enjoy more of this homely space.

Today it is common to find small kitchens. However, with simple decoration tricks and adding a personal touch, a small space can be transformed into a cozy and functional space in which to enjoy and prepare great dishes.

This is one of the places where more time is usually spent, not only to cook and wash, but also to eat or chat with friends. For these reasons, you can make a small kitchen functional and elegant.

Next, we give you tips for organization and order, two fundamental factors to make the most of every corner.

1. Choose light shades

As the interior expert of USA explains, light colors provide luminosity and give the feeling of having more space. On the contrary, dark colors tend to diminish the environments and recharge them.

Therefore, using light tones will help not only to give a greater feeling of spaciousness, but also to enhance the entry of light into the home. In sum, the aspects to take into account are the following:

  • Use light tones, you can choose a range other than white(such as pastel colors).
  • Combines tiles halfway up and paint them a light color.

2. Organize the spaces in small kitchens

When space is limited and kitchen tasks multiply, the order and distribution of the furniture are of the utmost importance.

Every detail must be thought through so that you can move around and open drawers or doors comfortably. Remember that it is important that you find what you need without difficulty, so everything must go in its place to optimize time.

  • Set up tall furniture to store plates, glasses, and other utensils.
  • Leave a wall free for roominess.
  • Use dividers in the drawers.
  • High ceiling cabinets will give you more storage space.
  • The intermediate bars between.

3. Place an island

You can add a piece of furniture known as an “island.” According to the engineer of   University of Medellín, this piece allows you to optimize the space in small kitchens, since it concentrates the elements in the center of the environment.

These are usually fixed, but they also exist with wheels so that they can be moved to the place you want. However, you can find or manufacture them of different models and materials; so, choose the island that best suits you and fits the space you have. 

The upper part can be used, for example, as a breakfast table; but you can also place a stove. Instead, the lower part can be used to make a closet where you can store whatever you want. In the same way, it helps you divide spaces and thus separate the kitchen from the dining room.

4. Take up all the space you have

Try to find efficient spaces in places that you do not use and organize them well to use their capacity to the maximum. In this sense, we recommend:

  • Use the entire wall from floor to ceiling. In fact, an idea to save more space is to make cabinets or shelves that reach the upper part of the kitchen.
  • Add shelves or storage furniture. In addition to being decorative, they serve to store and have household appliances at hand.
  • Use boxes or baskets to order the counter. These are an excellent alternative to keep it clear.
  • Take advantage of the roof. Another idea that we give you is to place a shelf with chains fixed to the ceiling, since the pots, ladles or skimmers are organized and, in addition, create a very decorative visual effect.

5. Light up small kitchens

A good option is to take advantage of the natural entrance of the light from the window. Therefore, instead of covering them with furniture or thick curtains, opt for translucent and light-colored curtains.

In addition, you can add artificial lights to complement the lighting in the kitchen when natural light is insufficient. For this, the following work by researchers recommend opting for low-consumption light bulbs and having other elements(such as lamps in the work area for cooking).

In the dining area, we advise you to use lamps that focus the table. Also, be encouraged to include lights inside the cabinets if they are made of dark materials or have a lot of depth.

The value of decorating small kitchens

Although it may not seem like it, decorating the kitchen helps improve comfort in your own home.

There is nothing more homemade than preparing food and sitting at the table with family or friends. So, do not hesitate, apply these tips to get more space and dare to give a different and personal approach to decorating to make a small kitchen a great kitchen.

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