With these original ideas, your home will acquire an incomparable touch of distinction. Get to work and decorate your interiors and exteriors as you have always wanted.

Green is a color that brings life and harmony to any space in the house. Of course, it cannot be missing in a garden worth its salt, but it is also excellent for interiors. Here are some creative ways to have plants so you can decorate your home the way you always wanted it.

Who doesn’t like the way plants look around the house? These give the colorful touch, the quota of purity that everyone needs for their home.

As if that were not enough, they constitute a decorative element that offers many variables when looking for a place. Precisely at that point we will stop in this article.

Benefits of having plants at home

Before moving on to the main topic, let’s review the enormous advantages of plants in the home:

  • They purify the air, as they transform carbon dioxide into oxygen.
  • They collaborate in reducing stress, due to the relaxing environment they generate.
  • They help to breathe a higher quality air and thus avoid respiratory diseases.
  • They eliminate static electricity from the environment, since they generate humidity.

5 creative ways to have plants in the home

Now, we will move on to what concerns us. What is the best alternative to place plants at home? Here are some great and practical ideas:

1. Vertical gardens

They are an excellent option for gardens, whether external or internal. You can make them with pallets, ladders or even vegetable boxes.

The vertical garden with the ladder is quite simple; You just have to place planks between the steps to expand the possibility of placing the pots on top.

With pallets it becomes somewhat more complex. You can do it by following these steps:

  • Sand the surface and edges of the pallet to remove roughness. You can varnish it if you wish.
  • Stand it upright and put two large garbage bags inside. The plants will be supported on them. Nail the bags to their top edge.
  • Fill the bags with substrate or compost.
  • Make small cuts in the bags, where you will later place the plants. You can also use this structure to create a practical garden at home.

Finally, with the vegetable boxes you can form a similar structure by stacking them. In this case, the bag will also go inside, but we will not put the plants pointing to the front, but rather upwards, where the opening of the boxes is.

2. In the windows

Placing plants on windows will beautify any landscape in your home. The options are many: you can place a shelf near the window to put the pots.

Another excellent idea is to take advantage of the window bars to hang the pots, or the same slits of the wooden shutters. Lastly, you can also assemble a wire frame with nails near the window frame to grow a beautiful vine over it.

3. Cactus in household objects

Have you seen how beautiful cacti are on desks, tables, furniture in the living room or on the fireplace? It is very easy to find a place for them, and also a container.

You can use jugs, glasses or cups — the more beautiful the better — to make these plants more attractive. Just put some cactus soil, some common soil, the plant and decorative stones inside them to give it the final touch.

4. Mini garden in bulbs

To achieve this technique, you must follow the following steps:

  • Break off the bulb socket with pliers. Wear gloves and be very careful not to cut yourself.
  • Remove all the elements inside.
  • Glue the light bulb onto a base, which could be a plastic cap, for example.
  • Introduce the substrate and then place the plant delicately inside the bulb.
  • Finally, water with a syringe to keep it hydrated.

If you want, you can also make your own wire stand or even hang them from the ceiling. In fact, you can put aquatic plants on them too.

This is one of the creative ways to have more original plants. Without a doubt, if you apply it, you will have something that very few have thought to make their environments more attractive.

5. Plants in furniture and books

We will close the list with two great options for the interior and the exterior. The first is to use —or sacrifice, you decide the term to use— a chest that I don’t occupy and introduce the plants inside. You can use the bag technique to cover the wood, as we did with the pallets.

On the other hand, you can also use books to make highly original and ecological pots. How? In this way:

  • Cut out with a scalpel a square in the book; for this, open it more or less halfway.
  • Line the top pages with contact paper.
  • Glue the leaves that will act as a pot. It is not necessary to do it one by one, take several. Also put glue on the side of these.
  • Cover the bottom of the box with a plastic bag and place the stones.
  • Above, add the substrate and, finally, the plants that you prefer.

With these creative ways to have plants in your home, your environments will be beautiful. So, you can enjoy its great benefits while spending little space, money and time. Let’s do it!

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