If you want to give warmth to the decoration of your home, you cannot miss this post: we will tell you which are the best decorative elements to achieve this goal.

If you want to have a cozy home, you cannot miss the decorating tips that we share with you today. Did you know that by incorporating some specific elements to the decoration of your house you can make it a warmer place?

Find out below what decorative elements can help you achieve the style you want for your home. Remember that your home should be your refuge and welcome your guests. Do we see any ideas?

Decorating tips for a cozy home

1. Cushions

Cushions help turn a house into a cozy home. It seems silly but it is like this: cushions help make people feel comfortable and welcome. So do not hesitate and incorporate them into your decoration.

You can place cushions of different sizes on the armchairs and even use the patchwork technique to design them taking advantage of the scraps of fabric or old clothes that you have at home.

Another nice idea? You can create ultra-large cushions with bold prints and stack them on one side of your living room. When you have a lot of guests, invite them to use them to sit. You can even have a Japanese dinner and eat on the coffee table!

If you have children, you can create a reading corner with the crib mattress or some other that you do not use and put enough colored cushions on top so that they feel comfortable to immerse themselves in their favorite stories.

2. Lights

A decorative element of great importance when it comes to achieving a cozy home is light. Choose curtains that let in natural light and can open fully. In addition, it is important that you choose the lights and lamps in your home well.

Many times, we do not pay attention to the lights and lamps in our house and that is a mistake. Lighting is key to giving warmth to a room. When buying light bulbs, choose those with warm light.

As for the lamps, a standing one for reading can be perfect to place next to the armchair. You can also play with the lights to illuminate specific sectors such as the library or a painting.

How about adding a dimmable light fixture to the room? A lava lamp or some candles? These soft lighting options are perfect for warming a home at night.

3. Wood

The use of wood is one of the most common resources to achieve a cozy home. The wooden floor, high baseboards in natural or painted wood, rustic wood furniture, etc. Everything adds up to give the room that warmth you are looking for.

You can also play around with the colors a bit. All those derived from browns, oranges and yellows will give the place an endearing style. Also use wicker, either in furniture or in baskets to reinforce that feeling.

4. Carpets

The rugs in turn help us to achieve the objective of this article. You can choose them in neutral colors but we recommend doing it in warm tonesPay special attention to where you will place them: under the armchair, in a reading corner or under the bed. The idea is to invite relaxation.

5. Blankets for a cozy home

Blankets and blankets are another good trick when decorating a roomYou can fold them over the side of the chair or even leave them hanging a little on it, they will be sensational! Who wouldn’t want to lie in your chair with cushions and blankets?

As in point 1, we recommend you play with colors, textures(woven or imitation leather) and patterns. Let your imagination run free and give your living room a touch of color through the blankets.

Do you already have in mind what changes you can make to make your home look even more welcoming? Combine our ideas with photographs, paintings and everything you like for a warm style, tailored to you!

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