It is not necessary to spend a fortune on flowers and their maintenance to have a colorful and lively environment. We tell you how to make flowers with simple materials that you surely have at home.

Flowers are the decorative element par excellence. They adapt to very varied environments, always with the ability to give color and life to any space in the house or office. If you plan to use them for this purpose, these tips for making flowers from different materials can be very helpful.

Among the most outstanding benefits of placing flowers in our living room, garden or work, we could point out that the flowers:

  • They purify the air.
  • They brighten up and enrich any space.
  • They bring naturalness to the decoration.
  • They help to release stress and enhance concentration.

We can find flowers of different types, sizes and presentations. It is precisely this last characteristic that we will take to develop the central points of this article. While decorating with flowers can be a wonderful idea, it is also true that their price can be high.

Therefore, it is necessary to look for other alternatives. We show you some methods to make flowers with different materials and decorate the environments you prefer.

5 ways to make flowers with different materials to decorate

1. Paper flowers

Basic option, but essential. Paper flowers have the advantage of being very cheap, while being simple to make. You can take different colored paper and also create ornaments of various sizes. To do them, follow these steps:

  1. Cut out a circle of paper from a magazine, newspaper or other. You can outline a compact disc to do this.
  2. Then cut the circle in a curved line from the outside to the inside, creating a single snail-shaped strip. Leave a circle in the central part, which will later be the base of the figure.
  3. Make a small crease at the inner end and roll into a cone shape towards the outer tip of the circle.
  4. Glue the excess circle with hot silicone with the paper roll so that the flower is constituted.

2. Flowers with tetrabrachs

You would be surprised to see the beautiful models of flowers created with tetrabrachs that exist. If you wonder how to achieve them, here are the instructions:

  1. Cut the tetrabrach into strips lengthwise.
  2. Separate the cardboard in the middle, which is between the colored outside and the silver inside.
  3. Paint it and cut out hearts of different sizes. Then roll them lightly.
  4. Start by gluing the smaller hearts together and then add the larger ones on the outside. The outer petals should be slightly bent, unlike the inner ones.

3. Cardboard flowers

Yes, even if it seems a little soft and quite dull, cardboard can be used to make flowers. You will need some paint and creativity to give them a great look.

The procedure is very similar to that of paper flowers. However, you should use the corrugated part of the cardboard for this, as it is more flexible.

Then, to separate it, dip a not very thick cardboard in water and carefully peel off the layers that cover the wrinkled part. Once you’re done, let it dry completely on a flat surface.

Later, it proceeds to form the flowers. If you want colorful flowers, paint the cardboard after drying and before cutting it out.

4. Flowers with tissue paper

Decorated wire, which you can get at any craft store, will help you make these flowers.

  • First, cut the paper into rectangles and fold it into an accordion shape.
  • Then wrap the wire around the center of the folded paper and cut the edges of the paper in a semi-circle shape to shape what the petals will be.
  • To conclude, open the undulations and fold each strip towards the center, so that they are attached to the center of the flower. It is better if you use papers of different colors and then combine all the flowers in a vase.

5. Foamy flowers

Of all the flowers with different materials to decorate, it is perhaps the most attractive option. The flowers of foamy or Eva rubber are showy and colorful. To do them, follow the instructions below:

  1. Cut out squares of different sizes of foam rubber and remove the corners. There will be a circle with the ends straight.
  2. For the sepals, cut out a five-pointed star with rounded corners. Preferably, it is another color.
  3. Make a 2-centimeter groove in the widest part of the petals.
  4. Cut a crescent of the same color as the squares from step 1.
  5. Pierce a toothpick through the center of the star.
  6. Fold the petals from their slot and insert them into the toothpick. The largest ones should be placed first.
  7. Finally, fold the peak of the segment you cut out and roll it up to form the center of the flower.
  8. Join the two peaks and cross the toothpick to join the rest of the flower.

Finally, although we will not list them, there is always the option of the natural flower. Unlike the other flowers of different materials to decorate, these do require maintenance and care, but they provide a unique beauty.

Recommendation: combine the two varieties – artificial and natural – in the different environments, it will allow you to achieve suitable effects for each place. Go ahead and experiment!

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