That it is the smallest room in the house does not mean that the bathroom is easy to decorate. Rather, the opposite: you must carefully plan every detail to avoid future problems.

Home decoration includes many facets and requires taking care of every detail. This is the case for all rooms in the house, even the bathroom. Have you never thought about it? Here we leave you tips to remedy those mistakes you make when decorating your bathroom.

In decorating magazines or in the brochures of companies that sell bathroom items we see beautiful and very fashionable designs. Many people, in the desire to follow these trends, end up with many of those mistakes you make when decorating your bathroom that, in the long run, are difficult to fix.

To avoid this type of headache – one of the worst that the home can cause, without a doubt – we bring you this help. Avoid these five mistakes in decorating your bathroom and you will have much of the problem solved.

5 mistakes you make when decorating your bathroom

1. Not planning spaces

It is the first task that you should do when facing the construction of a bathroom for your house. You must consider what you need, what furniture you want to include and, above all, its measurements. Having a full dresser will not be beneficial to your utility. The placement of each part is also critical. It is extremely common to see that the door does not open completely because the toilet is located behind it – this is a big mistake. Don’t plan an excessively large bathroom, either, unless you have a proportionately spacious home.

To conclude this item, we offer you an idea for you to consider: sliding doors. They are extremely useful if you have limited spaces; do not hesitate to consult your carpenter.

2. Laying slippery tiles

A large number of household accidents happen in the bathroom. Most, of course, are tied to showering and wet floors. How to avoid this complication? There are two main steps to take.

The first is to lay non-slip tiles. These will provide a safe surface for you and, especially, for the little ones and older adults in the house. They are not usually attentive to risks, so it is best to take the necessary precautions.

On the other hand, you should consider rugs. Some can slip on the floor due to humidity and cause serious accidents. They also acquire an unpleasant odor over time. Make sure you choose the right ones.

3. Not having proper ventilation

It is a fundamental aspect for the bathroom. It could be one of the mistakes you make when decorating your bathroom that is most difficult for you to repair: be attentive. This redoubt must have a ventilation light to be able to aerate it constantly. Many, in addition, decide to install air extractors to have more ventilation.

Lighting is another key factor; it should be sufficient but not excessive. In that sense, dark colors tend to absorb light from the room. In addition, they cause a feeling of little cleaning – the dust becomes more visible – and also give the feeling of having less space. Tips: Install light fixtures near mirrors and in the shower.

4. Too much decoration

Curiously, decorating well also implies not exceeding this level. If you place furniture or decorations in abundance – no matter how beautiful they are – you will have a negative effect on the image of your bathroom.

On the contrary, it is advisable to opt for only one pair and seek balance. A good trick is to place medium or large mirrors; These objects have the advantage of creating a space-expanding effect, even when the bathroom is small. On the other hand, if the place is large and the mirror small, it will seem even more spacious and empty.

Don’t go overboard with the tiles either. While they are a great way to decorate and prevent corrosion from moisture and steam, they are unsightly in excess. Rather choose one wall to place them and paint the others with soft colors to create visual harmony.

5. Leave everything in sight

Both cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items should have their space in a well-organized bathroom. Under-the-sink storage cabinets are usually the perfect option.

However, there are also others. Some are mounted on the wall, others come in the form of corner units – made of wood or wicker – and even come with drawers. The options are many: explore them and evaluate them according to the available space.

If you pay attention to the above points, those mistakes you make when decorating your bathroom will no longer be a point of concern for you. Remember that everything depends on the needs and availability – in space and money – that you have. Finally, and just as important as the above, try to make it look just how you want it.

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