The lighting provided by lamps with decorative elements is perfect for when we want to make a space our home.

Decorative lamps can be made from very simple and inexpensive objects. Hence, many people, every day, are encouraged to do their own projects and exhibit them in their spaces. The best part is that most of the ideas are easily adapted and can work as ceiling lamps, table lamps and even as certain types of floor lamps.

In view of the above, we have decided to collect some of the best ideas of the moment, to encourage you to make your own creations. We assure you that you do not need to have many elements or be an expert in craftsThe only thing you will have to worry about is the installation.

Make your own decorative lamps

1. With paper and frost

If what you want is a glamorous project that is extremely easy to carry out, you will not find one like this. You just have to have a Chinese paper lamp, the color you like the most, glue and a large jar of glitter. We recommend choosing the glitter of the same color as the paper so that the result is better.

Take the lamp and place it on several pages of newspaper. Shake the can of spray glue and proceed to wet the entire surface. A finished have time and spillover frost generously to adhere uniformly.

Excess frost will fall on the newspaper so you can check if the lamp is completely covered or not. If it isn’t, spray a little more spray over the area with ‘voids’ and sprinkle with frost again. The idea is to get a kind of handmade disco ball.

For a really beautiful effect, we recommend using pastel or white paper lanterns. For example, this lamp is made with pink glitter on pastel pink paper. You can also combine two colors of frost, such as white and silver.

2. Bead necklaces and a cage

If you had birds as pets a while ago and you still have the cage in storage, now is the time to put it to good use. Clean it, spray paint it(whatever color you like) and once it has dried well, proceed to glue it with silicone, strings of plastic necklaces or fake pearls. For a modern finish, we can paint them with a strong color that has a matte effect.

3. Clouds

Decorative ‘cloud’ style lamps are the sensation of the moment. You just have to take a white paper lamp and stick cotton balls on it, not too dense so that the light can filter easily. Feathers can also be used instead of cotton. 

It should be noted that it is not necessary to always resort to the typical round paper lamp, to carry out this type of project, there are many ways that can bring originality and beauty to our craft. It’s all about being creative and taking advantage of the elements in the best possible way.

4. With a food grater

These decorative lamps are really original and are intended for the most daring. Especially if you have a decoration that combines the modern and the rustic. All you will need is a stainless-steel food grater and a can of spray paint(we recommend using matte black to make the grater look like it was made of old iron). You apply a couple of coats, let it dry and proceed to install your lamp in the place you prefer. Very easy, right?

5. With toilet paper tubes and twine

Another way to make your own decorative lamps is to take the toilet paper rolls, layer them with silicone, and line them with thin twine or string. Once they are lined, you let them dry for at least ten or fifteen minutes before proceeding to join them using a silicone point. In this way you can create the figure you want.

It should be noted that the lighting that decorative lamps usually provide is of a subdued trend, so it is not recommended to use them as reading lamps. On the other hand, if you want to add magic to the environment, this will be guaranteed.

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