The entrance of the home is often a space that is wasted. Discover our ideas and make the most of your hall.

The entrance of your home is your letter of introduction to all the people who visit you. Just as you worry about showing your best face every day and about dressing according to the circumstances, you should decorate the entrance of your home in such a way that it shows your personality and is both practical and beautiful.

Have you ever wondered what things should not be missing when entering your home? Did you analyze which elements are the first ones your guests see? Read on to discover those elements that cannot be missing at the entrance of your home.

How to decorate the entrance of your home

The entrance to your house should not only be cozy and beautiful, it should also give the naked eye pattern of the general decoration of the home and above all, it should be practical! As you read, it is extremely important that your hall fulfills the functions for which it was created.

For this reason, below we will talk about those things that make your life easier and that cannot be missing at the entrance of your home. Take note!

1. Storage space

What is the first thing you want to do when you get home at night, after a hard day at work? Yes, exactly: take off your coat and shoes. Therefore, it is important that you have a closet in the hall, in this way you will avoid clutter and take care of your clothes and shoes!

It is not necessary that the closet is huge, with a small space that allows you to store the coats and shoes in use will be enough. In fact, you can even place a wooden coat rack on the wall and underneath, a shoe rack or a plastic tray to store your shoes there. The shelves can also be an excellent way to maintain order.

It is also helpful if you place an umbrella basket there. This way you will avoid getting the whole house wet on rainy days! The same goes for keys. Where do you usually leave them? A keychain on the wall may be the solution.

As you can see, having a storage space when you get home is practical and necessary! Your guests will appreciate it and for you, it will be a real improvement because your house will no longer look cluttered.

2. A bench to sit on

Based on our previous advice, we suggest you include a small bench at the entrance so that you can take a seat and put on(or take off) your shoes with ease. In Spain and Latin American countries, we are not used to taking off our shoes before entering the house, but it is a great idea!

In countries like Japan, Germany or Switzerland, people remove their shoes before entering their own home or that of their hosts. In this way, dirt from the street is prevented from entering and staining the floor. Isn’t that a good proposal?

Place a small, rustic wood bench or small chair in the entryway. Even a stool can help keep you off balance when taking off your shoes.

3. A welcome mat

The doormats are beautiful and are very practical to remove excess moisture and dirt from shoes. These little rugs will help you keep your home a little cleaner.

Choose a doormat according to the decoration and your personality. There are of all the imaginable designs: with phrases, smooth, with drawings, with arabesques. You choose!

4. Good lighting

As we have already mentioned, the entrance to your home is the first impression that those who visit you will take. Isn’t it important that it is well lit? A warm light is more welcoming and welcoming than a house in twilight.

Make sure the lamps give good light and if not, fix it with a nice floor lamp! If you have a wide corridor, you can even place a table with a lamp on it.

5. A mirror

Mirrors give a lot of play in interior design and they are also functional because they allow you to check how you look before going out. You can place a full-length mirror or a small one, the decision is yours.

As in the case of doormats, there are many options on the market that complement any type of decoration: oval, round, square, with or without a frame, in colors… Do you already know which one would look good at the entrance of your home?

Now that you know what are the 5 things that cannot be missing at the entrance of your home, get to work! Dazzle all your guests with a dreamy decoration and make yourself happy! A welcoming hall will surely steal a smile from you after a tiring day.

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