Virtually any object that is hanging around your house can become a very innovative nightstand. Take a look at these recommendations and choose the one that best suits your style.

Spaces as personal as the bedroom deserve to have everything their occupants want. A piece of furniture that we usually do not give too much importance to, despite the fact that we use it every day, is the bedside table. Say goodbye to monotony in your room with these original bedside table designs.

They not only fulfill the function of holding watches, mobiles and photo frames. Nightstands are an important part of the room, a characteristic piece of furniture in this space. If you decide to choose the one you always dreamed of, you will completely change your place of rest and relaxation.

5 original bedside table designs

1. Nightstands with recycled boxes

The best thing about this idea is that, in addition to being easy to do, it is usually very inexpensive. In any greengrocer or supermarket, you can find boxes of vegetables that they surely do not use and they will be happy for you to take them.

Once at home, you can paint them in the color you like the most and even draw whatever design you like, such as flowers or Chinese letters.

If instead of the rustic you prefer something more sophisticated, another option is to buy the boxes directly in the color you like and reshape them later to give them the shape of a table.

Whatever your preference, it is a highly customizable alternative that looks good in any environment. Do not hesitate to give them the opportunity they deserve.

2. Bedside tables with logs

For lovers of nature and inexpensive designs, this option will be great. It involves the placement of logs as bedside tables.

Although it may sound too rustic or even somewhat dirty, do not rule them out beforehand. They look great in different environments.

To make them, you must obtain a cylindrical trunk, not too high but with a straight surface that will serve to support everything you need; or at least what is essential for this type of furniture.

Many choose to varnish them completely, while others prefer to smooth the part of the sides to remove chips and varnish only the top.

On the other hand, there are those who leave the bark to give a rustic touch to the decoration. However, the most chosen option is to remove all these irregularities to get a softer bedside table.

Finally, regarding the additional details, here are other suggestions:

  • You can put wheels on them to make them more functional and move them around the room.
  • Painting them white to match sheets and curtains is also a good idea.
  • You can use more than one log of different sizes to have multiple tables.

3. Bedside tables with chairs and stairs

This option surely you did not know. If you have a chair that you don’t use, the kind that always bother around the house or an old ladder, here is a good use for them. These are two fantastic elements to make original bedside tables.

How to do them? As for the chairs, it should be a wooden one that you can recondition to show off on the side of your bed. The advantage is that, in addition to being extremely innovative, it offers the possibility of hanging garments on its back.

One tip: varnish them and try to match them with the color of the floor, bed or furniture.

On the other hand, how can we make a bedside table out of a staircase. As with the chair, you need to condition it first. This will depend, to a large extent, on the solution you find to adapt it to the decoration of your room.

Be careful, reconditioning it does not mean taking away the vintage. This is the essence of this piece of furniture. On the steps, place shelves to expand their capacity. Also, add classic embellishments to give it the antique touch it demands. If you put new things on it, it will probably fall out of place in your room.

4. Bedside tables with drawers

Does your family have an old piece of furniture hanging around? Reserve the drawers and make yourself a totally sophisticated nightstand. You can use them standing and add one more wood in the middle so that there are shelves.

If it is a somewhat narrow drawer, you can join it to the other to gain width on your table. It is a basic option, it is true, but if you combine it with the other elements of the room, it will undoubtedly be spectacular. The simple, many times, falls in love.

5. Nightstands with suitcases

If you have not seen any of these bedside table models, you really are missing a wonderful idea. Again, the premise is to recycle disused objects; in this case, suitcases.

If they are colored, of course much better. However, they are most likely black. In that case, you can choose to paint or cover them to give more life to your decoration. In case you do not have it at home, you can go to a fair or second-hand store, in those places they tend to abound.

To turn them into original nightstands, you can stack them on top of each other and place a framed mirror on top. In addition to giving it a different finish, this will allow you to enhance the lighting in the room.

If instead of suitcases you decide to opt for an old trunk, the process is the same. If it is somewhat low and you want to level it with the bed, a couple of wooden dowels can help you achieve this.

With these tips, you can take another step towards the room you’ve always dreamed of. These original bedside tables are special and add a lot of style to the decoration.

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