Our homes are a reflection of the people who live in them. Therefore, the way in which we decide to decorate them represents our tastes and even our way of being.

Interior decoration is one of the most fun activities for lovers of home and detail. It is in itself an exercise in creativity and, above all, ingenuity, since in addition to following an aesthetic, it is necessary to solve certain problems.

Many times, it is not necessary to have too many accessories or luxury pieces, but to know how to distribute them and give them the best position in the space. On the other hand, it is not necessary to focus only on the color palette or the shapes. We must broaden our horizons and see a little beyond the obvious. 

Here is a list of tricks to decorate your home according to current trends.

6 fashion tips for a good interior decoration

1. Renew your items with metallic paint

Are you feeling bored of some items in your home? Well, do not discard them, because with them you can create decorative objects without spending so much money.

A trend in decoration is the use of metallic colored objects. To do this we recommend buying a spray of gold or silver paint and spraying the objects you want to renew to give it a glamorous finish.

Some objects that you can use are:

  • Flowerpots and vases.
  • Disused toys.
  • Photo frames.
  • Chair legs.
  • Glass or plastic bottles.
  • Refrigerator magnets.
  • Tree branches to decorate vases.

2. Decorate with mirrors

Although this has been a trend used for centuries, it continues to be one of the most effective ways to illuminate rooms and achieve a feeling of spaciousness. However, try to place them in spaces where there is natural light to amplify it and add dimension to your spaces.

  • A simple trick is to place several small mirrors at the entrance of your home.
  • You can also use large mirrors with minimalist and geometric frames to give your home a more classic look.

3. Use plants

Plants are noble companions in the home as they delight us with their color and purified air. So, take into consideration those spaces where a green touch will revitalize your home.

  • A current trend in design is to create small gardens so as not to saturate the spaces with large and clunky pots.
  • Also, use small vases with colors and shapes according to the rest of the decoration of your home.

A simple and very beautiful trick is to hang some plants in some corners or spaces where it is necessary to add a special touch. You can also personalize the space of your plants by adding colored stones or sand.

4. Apply the “rule of 3”

Whether they are photographs, vases, mirrors, furniture or other decorations, it is better to choose to place them in trios and not in pairs. This is because the brain regards three as a small number that captures its attention by creating the impression that the objects are not arranged as ornaments, but as a small collection.

  • Arranging objects in odd numbers allows the human eye not to go unnoticed, because it creates the illusion that there is an asymmetry which is pleasant for our brain.

5. Add curtains

Curtains are an important detail in some interiors where they are useful to shade the light that enters a room or to add a touch of color to the walls. Depending on the effect you want to create, consider the following:

  • If you want to gain natural light, opt for sheer fabrics and thin fabrics like organza. This type of fabric will allow you to pass sunlight without any problem.
  • If you need to sift the light, choose thick and heavy fabrics, such as linen or cotton, as well as slightly darker colors. This way the natural light will not enter with such intensity.

We also recommend taking into account the color of the curtain fabric and its design:

  • Solid colors are ideal for rooms with strong and striking tones. You can choose bright tones or pastels as long as it matches the walls and furniture.
  • Prints are a more modern trend which brings a lot of personality to the space. We advise you not to abuse the drawings or figures too much and that you choose sober designs.

6. Decorate the walls or dressing rooms with colorful masking tape

Finally, this is a very simple and fun technique for interiors if you want to add a lot of color and texture, creating an eclectic environment. Also, all you need to do is paint the walls a neutral shade and then add lines or other patterns with colorful masking tape.

You can also do it with the closet or the dressing room and even with the doors. You just need to dare a little and creatively mix the colors of the ribbons.

Now that you have these ideas, do you dare to put them into practice? Personalize the interiors of your home with your characteristic touch.

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