Do you like movies and cinema? With these simple details you can transport all the magic of the big screen to the very living room of your home.

Each decoration reflects almost completely the personality and tastes of its creators. Following this premise, if you are a movie fan, you are sure to be interested in these home decorations for movie lovers.

In the case of homes, the setting speaks for itself. It is enough to look at some details of certain spaces such as the living room or a room to know with a high efficiency the hobbies and interests of the owner.

Many people in the world are fans of the cinema and everything that surrounds it. Therefore, it is more than logical that there are enough decorative options to meet your demands.

If you are not aware of them, pay attention to the points that we will detail below.

Posters, a world unto themselves

If we talk about home decoration for movie lovers, we cannot fail to mention the classic movie posters. They are wonderful to decorate rooms, doors or, for the most daring, the living room or the entrance of the house.

Next, we show you which are the five most popular. Although several of them are priced at a lot of money, you can get very similar replicas and with the same decorative effect:

  • ET the Extra-Terrestrial: Of course, this iconic 1980s film, directed by none other than Steven Spielberg, is among the most iconic images in the history of the big screen.
  • Casablanca: If you are not very informed about this historical film, you will surely recognize it when you see its poster. Dating from 1942, it was totally revolutionary for the time and won many awards.
  • Moulin Rouge: this musical classic has remained in everyone’s memory. It is more recent, since it was presented in 2001; from there, we all know his classic image, symbol of love and drama.
  • Charlie Chaplin: at this point we are not referring to a particular film, but to a movie legend. Any Charlie Chaplin poster will make the homeowner’s love of classic cinema clear.
  • Star Wars:  thanks to globalization, this saga – Star Wars, in English – became a reference in science fiction throughout the world. There is practically no fan of the movies who does not love it or, at least, has not seen it.

Other home decorations for movie lovers

Basically, if we want to achieve home decorations for movie lovers, we will have to base ourselves on characteristic elements of the industry and its films and give them prominence. These are some elements that you can use:

Spotlights in the room

The spotlights used to illuminate recording sets during movies can be found for sale online and in very good condition. You can use them in the middle of the living room to combine them with other items on this list.

Director chairs

What movie fan has not dreamed of having one of these? If you can get your name engraved on the back, you will definitely have an item that will be worth gold to you.

You can make or buy a set of these types of chairs and place them in the living room or garden. If you prefer just one, your room is an ideal place to enjoy it.

A mini home theater

Probably, if you have already thought about home decorations for movie lovers, you already have one. Anyway, we will point out that the idea of ​​placing an extra-large screen television and a good sound system will raise the level of your decoration.

If you do, do not forget to have several armchairs so that all members of the family and even your friends can join this experience.

Become a director and choose the repertoire for each night yourself!

Pictures of actors

This is where we tend to see the aforementioned Chaplin most often. However, Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando are also very popular, immortalized in typical black and white portraits with their unmistakable expressions.


Lastly, you can complement your perfect decoration with wall decals. In this case, you can use phrases or images characteristic of your favorite productions. Of course, you can also choose the face of your favorite actor or actress.

Using these elements for home decorations for movie lovers will leave a wonderful result. When someone is passionate about something, nothing better than seeing it reflected in the everyday life of the home to feel full and radiant every day.

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