Before starting with the change of a room in our house, it is essential that we ask ourselves a series of questions to achieve the best results. Take note of the following tips.

If you are thinking of making a change at home and you do not know where to start, we want to give you the keys so that you do not make mistakes in your choice for your new room. It is important that you have a clear idea of ​​what you want to achieve, and for this it is best to ask yourself certain aspects to achieve the best possible result.

Decorating can be a fun, entertaining task and can offer us many benefits. It entertains us and is good to take care of our home. However, there are people who have more taste for aesthetics, and others who do not give it so much importance. So, if you are looking for a change, this is your place.

Next, we want to show you what are the questions you have to ask yourself before starting to decorate, because a good organization and a clear objective is the first step you must take.

Questions to ask yourself before decorating your room

You may have a natural gift, that is, decorating may be one of your passions and hobbies. If you like decoration magazines, furniture stores, and you are a compulsive buyer of decorative motifs, this article may help you organize your ideas better.

What is the room going to be used for?

It may be one of the first questions we have to ask ourselves before starting to decorate. It may sound logical and basic, of course. However, we rarely really think about how many things we want to do in it. Once we know the main activity that the room will perform, you can think better about the furniture and its distribution.

Also, if it is large enough, you can decorate and assemble it in such a way that you can carry out another activity. For example, in the case of a bedroom with a corner designed for physical exercise.

The light in the room

It is important to know if the room has many hours of daylight or few hours, as this will vary in our selection of furniture and the color of the walls.

For example, if the room is warm and has a lot of sunlight, you can add cool colors, curtains and blinds so that in the warmer months you are more comfortable. However, if the room you want to modify does not receive hardly any sunlight, always think of warm colors, such as yellow, white and pastel-colored furniture to make it look more.

How long will you be in the room?

We will not spend so much money on a stay that we will not enjoy many hours a day. That is, the number of hours you will be in that room can also determine the budget you want to use. Naturally, you are not going to spend a lot of money on a room that you will hardly enjoy, such as a second bedroom or a pantry.

Which is my favorite color?

The idea is not to paint the room in your favorite color alone. Indeed, even if you like it a lot, it can saturate you. It is best to combine your favorite color with another wall of another color, or with colored fabrics, rugs and curtains of different shapes and colors that combine with each other.

You can also play with the furniture, as they have shapes and colors that can be adapted.

What do you want the room to express?

It is important to know what we want to express with the room. That is, what feeling we want it to give when you enter it or when another person walks through the door. We can be inspired by cities or countries that we have visited and have loved.

On the other hand, we can also find inspiration in the seasons of the year or in motifs of nature … We have to define with small details and in a subtle way what furniture and what distribution will be in the home. This will be determined by our own personality.

What will happen to the house in the coming months?

It is very important to know if the room we want to redecorate is going to stay with us for a certain time, because dedicating money and effort to something that may “expire” in a few months will not be worth it.

If you are expecting a baby, or if in a while a relative will live with you at home, it is important to modify and prepare the room to your liking, which is practical and effective.

What is missing in the room?

At a glance we can find out what is missing in the room. We can think of furniture that we might need, for example an armchair, a dresser or a standing mirror. 

Basic tips to better decorate your home

Here are some tips so that you do not have any failure or problem in your next remodel.

  • Invest in quality furniture and pieces. Sometimes cheap can be expensive. Indeed, many inexpensive pieces of furniture do their job, but they break easily and can become frustrating.
  • In a room, find the focal point and use it as the center of attention.
  • Avoid blocking entrances or exits with furniture.
  • Add tables and light points near armchairs. 
  • If you have large pieces of furniture, like an armchair or a shelf full of books, find another focal point with another large piece of furniture.
  • Place chairs and armchairs in large spaces to avoid appearing a smaller surface than it is.

It is important to ask yourself this series of questions in order to determine the type of room you want to achieve, since starting to make changes without clear objectives is not a good idea.

Therefore, if you plan to modify a room in your home, ask yourself these questions and you will achieve the best results.

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