If you want an atmosphere of peace and harmony to be breathed in your home, do not miss these keys to decorate it in the Greek style.

The decoration in the Greek style is characterized by being fresh, bright and romantic. It is based on the color white, which catches the external light towards the interior of the house, and the blue, which represents tranquility. At the same time, blue does not reflect the luminosity, and thus balances the environment to make it more relaxed.

Among the main characteristics of Greek decoration, curves stand out, which provide a feeling of tranquility and enjoyment. On the other hand, they are almost empty spaces, with very little furniture, to create an environment in harmony.

Tips for decorating your home in the Greek style

If you follow these steps, you can transform your home in an amazing way. This is an aesthetically beautiful style that also promotes relaxation and enjoyment.

1. A lot of stone

Due to the geographical characteristics of the place from which it originates, this style uses a lot of raw stone. It is used on walls and floors, and its ends are rounded or in the shape of arches. You can also add a couple of Greek plaster statues for a more rustic look.

2. White walls and ceilings

The white on walls and ceilings is what probably draws the most attention in this style. It has its explanation, since the predominant stone in Greece is white. It is also the color of sea salt, an important element for them. Also, white increases luminosity.

3. Light blue or blue openings

Blue or light blue colors are used in all their shades to paint frames, doors and windows. This color comes from the Aegean Sea, and creates a very interesting contrast with white. Likewise, the door and window frames have an arcade or rounded shape.

4. Decorate with flowers and vases

Both inside and outside the house you can place large brown vases with colorful flowers. Mainly, those in lilac, violet or red colors are used, which contrast with the white of the place. They are used only in one sector and in small quantities.

Pots can also be placed on the windows and filled with flowers and green plants. The decoration is with a lot of color contrast, but not in abundance, rather with limitations, such as small gardens located in specific places that brighten the environment.

5. Columns

Classic columns can be used as decorative elements, both inside the house and in patios or gardens. They are generally columns that imitate Doric or Corinthian art. Their construction can be in marble or stone, and they harmoniously complement this type of decoration.

6. White and light blue accessories

To decorate in the Greek style, you can use accessories in the range of blues or whites. But it can also be done in a color that contrasts with white, such as terracotta. Of course, without abusing.

The decoration is minimalist, and it should not be loaded with furniture or accessories. But you can add a couple of details that decorate the place such as:

  • Decorative cushions in light blue and blue.
  • Paint the chairs blue.
  • Add pictures of marine motifs, such as anchors, boats, or fish. Always in the range of blues.
  • White armchairs.
  • In the dining room you can place a wooden table and blue chairs
  • Tulle curtains with a lot of drape that allow the passage of light.
  • Frame painted blue. It can be the frame of a mirror or a portrait, but always in the range of blues.
  • Wooden roofs. They can be left in wood color or painted white.

7. Greek style room

If you want to transform your room into a romantic and elegant place, this style is recommended. The decoration is simple, and is based on the white color and furniture with simple lines. You can add these accessories to the bed:

  • Put on white sheets and covers.
  • Place 3 or 4 light blue cushions.
  • Around the bed, on the ceiling, put a rail and on it a white tulle curtain that covers everything around the bed.
  • Place a box at the head with blue tones.

Go ahead and change the style of your home and give it a bright, simple touch that will transport you to the dreamiest place in Greece.

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