Do you want to decorate the walls of your house but don’t know where to start? In this article you will discover some ideas that can help you.

Decorating the walls of your house can be a fun, simple, inexpensive and original task. Also, you don’t have to spend a fortune. With a few changes you will have a magical place that will change the aesthetics of your entire home.

To decorate the walls, we will put aside the classic paintings in gold-colored baroque frames and we will propose other ideas that, surely, no one told you. Let’s go there?

Ways to decorate the walls

1. Stones

You can get the stones in different sizes and shapes. Always according to your taste. You will simply have to choose the ones you like and follow these steps:

  • Choose a wall, since if you do it on several you will see it very loaded.
  • You put glue or cement.
  • You must take into account, more than anything, to do it in parts.
  • You place them and let them dry.
  • You may need to cut or sand the ends.
  • You can leave it rustic.

2. Photographs with lights

It is a decoration that is fashionable to decorate the walls and that is spectacular in dark corners of the house. It illuminates and transcends them.

The best thing is that you choose the photographs of your loved ones, your moments or the places you met. The theme can be as wide as your imagination.


  • Black and white photographs, of different sizes.
  • Wooden clothes hanger clips.
  • Rustic twine.
  • Dry leaves.
  • Nails.


  • First you choose the wall on which you would like to place each photograph.
  • You drive a nail into one end of the wall above, where you want your decoration to start from.
  • Then you’re going to tie the string to that nail.
  • You keep nailing on the opposite side and lower.
  • You are tying the string to the nails.
  • On the string and in the way you prefer you are going to put the photographs with the wooden clasps.
  • Finally, you add the lights and dry leaves to give the final touch.

3. Wooden cubes

It is a good way to give the wall a third dimension. Dare to move on to another way of decorating. You can vary in sizes, colors, distribution. Ideas for you to decorate with cubes:

  • All the same size painted white
  • Of different shapes and sizes and painted in strong and different colors.
  • In vintage colors and with old objects inside.
  • Side by side brown or white and with books.
  • Pink or light blue and with toys for the children’s room.

4. Vertical garden

It is called a vertical garden when a wall is arranged to decorate with plants. They are special for interiors of urban places with a lack of green.


  • They absorb polluting particles from the environment.
  • They provide greater biodiversity.
  • In summer the ambient temperature drops a couple of degrees.
  • They produce well-being.
  • You enjoy the time you fix it.


  • On cupboard shelves. You can place one below the other and have your mini garden.
  • In small pots that you can place them, randomly.
  • You can place vine planks.

5. Adhesive tapes

You can find tapes on the market that do not damage the wall since their composition is completely natural. They come in different colors and with different shapes. You can choose different designs:

  • Horizontal stripes. They can occupy the whole of the wall or a part.
  • Geometric designs. For example, triangles or rhombuses.
  • Shape shapes, numbers, or symbols.

6. Designs with stencils

Using stencil is a craft technique by which we use a stencil. Very cute designs remain. You probably won’t use an entire wall. You can make it as you like.


  • 1 pair of scissors.
  • Design on paper.
  • Acetate or radiographic plates.
  • Small roll for painting or brushes.


  • First you are going to print or trace your design on paper.
  • Then you trace it on the acetate or X-ray plate. The variety of figures, shapes and colors are endless.
  • You cut with a scissors.
  • You put it on the wall and fasten it with tapes.
  • You paint either with a brush or with a roller.
  • Finally, you remove the stencil.

7. Niches

They are holes that are made to decorate the walls. They have become a very fashionable alternative. It can be one or more symmetrically. As a result, we remove monotony from the smooth wall.

You may need help making the holes. But finally, you can put the finishing touch on it.

  • You can leave it from the same material as the wall or change it.
  • You can also put wood in the frames.
  • Ornaments, books, portraits are placed. Whatever you wish.
  • It looks very good when they put lighting.

It should be noted that a single wall can change, not only the visibility of your home but also your mood, your health and your well-being. Go ahead and carry out the crafts and get the most out of your spaces.

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