To make your own shelves you don’t have to spend too much money. In fact, there are many reusable materials that can be modified to carry this project forward.

There are many ideas that you can use to make your own shelves for books and magazines. Although it is easier to buy a specific piece of furniture for this purpose, choosing to do it yourself saves you money while putting your creativity to the test.

These elements have become one of the best complements to maintain order in rooms and offices. In fact, some have decided to put them in other places in the house, since they optimize space and add a very interesting design.

Best of all, several options can be made with reusable materials that often accumulate in the home. This time we want to share with you 7 interesting suggestions so that you don’t hesitate to carry them out if you haven’t ordered your library yet.

Ideas to make your own shelves for books and magazines

The shelves for books and magazines are a perfect piece of furniture to decorate reading spaces or the office. Although there are cabinets for the same purpose, these alternatives are more interesting because they allow having the books visible at hand.

In the same way, they do not involve too much expense, since it is enough to buy some recycling and decoration tools. Next, we are going to review some curious ideas that will surely catch your attention.

1. Shelving with stairs

Were you thinking of throwing away that old wooden ladder that you don’t use? Do not do it! Although it sounds a bit strange to you, it is the perfect element to make your shelves for books and magazines. Due to its particular design, it can be placed almost in any corner.

In addition, the material is very easy to restore and can be easily decorated with paintings and other added elements. Also, if the ladder is a base, you will not need anything more than to open it in the place you want.

2. Shelves with wooden crates

Wooden crates or fruit boxes are favorites of those who love recycling. Due to their shape and size, they are ideal for making beautiful shelves to put books and other items that seem out of order.

If you want them to look rustic you can leave them in their natural form. If, on the other hand, you want them to look uniform and aesthetic, sand the surface a little and decorate them with varnish and paints in your favorite colors.

3. Hanging shelves

The truth is, it just takes a lot of creativity to make book and magazine shelves. For example, these hanging shelves only require a few wooden boards and rope. You have the option of making them with a single compartment or several.

4. Shelves with Belva spice racks

Bekvam spice racks are curious wooden compartments that can be easily attached to walls. Due to the popularity they have gained, today they are easily acquired in craft stores.

However, if you can’t find them, you can make a similar design with some wooden boards or old boxes. As always, the end result will be borne by the creativity you put into it.

5. Shelving with tubes

If you want your book and magazine shelves to be different and durable, you can choose to do this curious idea with tubes. Even if there are some pipes running outside your house, you can take advantage of them to make this type of bookcase.

The general recommendation is to have a toolbox with screws, nuts and everything that may be useful for its preparation. In addition, you can combine it with the use of wooden boards to vary its design.

6. Floating shelves with an old book

It is true that there are books that you do not want to ruin for any reason. However, if you have an old book that you no longer use, you can make a floating shelf with a very original design. You only need to adhere the book to an “L” shaped support that is then placed on the wall.

7. Round shelves

To go beyond the traditional when choosing one of the shelves for books and magazines, you can opt for a round design. In this case we see that it is made with wooden circles. However, as an option, plastic containers without the base or large tubes can be used.

What shelf do you prefer? It is time to order all those books that you have lying around. Choose the one you like the most and put it in your favorite place in the house.

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