Indoor plants will give your home a very personal touch. We tell you which are the best species that you can buy to bring nature to your home.

Plants give our home a very personal touch, they provide color and good smells and, if we know how to choose varieties well, they create very cozy environments and corners.
Indoor plants are perfect for a home without a garden or a small balcony. If you are lovers of flowers and vegetation in general, do not worry, you will be able to transport nature to your home.

When we feel inspired, we want to give a different touch to our home and we look for indoor plants, we get doubts about which one to choose. Knowing how to choose is not an easy task, as there are hundreds of varieties.

For this reason, below we tell you what you need to know before launching to buy your next indoor plants, pay attention!

Characteristics of indoor plants

Indoor plants have many benefits. We not only mean that they provide advantages in the aesthetic and decorative plane, but that they can also help you improve your health, since they purify the air. Of course, these require more care than garden plants.

Although each plant is different and has specific care, we will tell you the characteristics and needs of some of the indoor plants that you can introduce in your home:

  • Indoor plants need to be near windows.
  • They need enough light for them to grow strong.
  • Water as appropriate.
  • It would be ideal if they also had rainwater.
  • Some plants help remove toxic elements from the home.
  • Others maintain a correct balance between humidity and dryness in the apartment.
  • They purify the air and aromatize the room. This will allow you not to use industrial air fresheners.

Irrigation of indoor plants

As we anticipated, plants need more delicate care than garden or outdoor plants. In the case of irrigation, it is important that the water does not stagnate and we do not overdo it.

The best indoor plants

  • Rosaries. The rosaries have the leaves in the shape of a sphere. They are ideal for placing in hanging pots.
  • It could be said that bonsai are small works of art of nature that require some attention but, at the same time, they are a very good option to have as a plant in our living room, kitchen or even in the bathroom.
  • African violet. It is characterized by the purple flowers that give a special shine to any corner. It does not need as much light, so it is perfect to place in an indoor bathroom.
  • Cacti. are the first options that come to mind to have indoors. Do not find them boring or ugly, there are very beautiful and special cacti. They are resistant and hardly need care Guzmania. It is a plant with a strong bright red center, it needs water and humidity of around 95%, so it is not suitable for dry or cold climates.
  • Adam’s rib. It is a simple variety to care for and grow; nothing more is required than good soil and a place with little light. It is perfect for adding a touch to dark hallways or rooms.
  • Stick from Brazil. These plants look like small miniature trees, they have a stem that acts as a trunk and leaves like a palm tree. Like Adam’s Rib, they don’t require a lot of light or a lot of water.
  • Ferns are also easy to care for, they don’t need a lot of light, but they do need a certain percentage of humidity. If you live in a dry climate but want a fern, we recommend that, in addition to watering the soil a lot, you put wet stones on top.
  • Elephant foot. It is a plant that, in addition to having a fabulous name, grows quickly if it has enough water(it should be watered every other day). It grows best in shade and it is advisable to rest in large pots as it reaches a large size.
  • There are more types of indoor plants that you can place in your home, these are just a few ideas.
  • We advise you that when you buy them you go to a nearby nursery where they can better advise you on specific care. Plants are living things and they need minimal attention so that they can develop firmly.
  • Start decorating your home with these indoor plants!
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