Discover the best ideas to separate rooms and make the most of the spaces in your home with these room dividers.

When you are going to use room dividers in your decoration, it is important to exploit creativity and good taste if we want to obtain a good result.

In other words, it is about creating a division to achieve more pleasant spaces for other functions.

For example, if you know how to take good advantage of each corner and the way the light enters, the small spaces will be wider to view.

It has happened to all of us when we visit, or in our own home, that we barely take a step and we are already in the kitchen, living room and even in the rooms because there is nothing that divides the spaces.

The dimensions do not matter, it can be a small or immense place, but as long as there is not something that marks each area, the environment becomes uncomfortable and somewhat suffocating.

The room dividers are necessary allies of the decoration.

Plus, they don’t always have to be a boring wall in every partition. Here there are no limits, you can find them made or make them with materials at your fingertips.

The goal is for you to find what best suits your style and personality.

Remember not to forget the functional part, that it is not only an ornament but also helps you meet other needs.

Proposals for room dividers for your home

Finding the best room dividers for the home is not always an easy task. In fact, it is best to have some bases or ideas, since the ideal thing is that they make a good contrast both with the colors of the walls, as with the other decorative elements.

Therefore, in the following space we want to share 9 proposals that use different materials, designs and shapes. You can choose the alternative that best suits the style you want to reflect in your home. Pay attention!

1. Basic and functional

Within the room dividers you can choose those that give a minimalist, simple and functional touch.

You don’t really need too many embellishments or details. If what you are looking for is something to separate the kitchen from the living room, this idea works wonderfully.

It does not take up much space and you can also place plants or kitchen utensils.

2. Recycled

Something as simple as joining several wooden pallets with the help of a pair of hinges.

You can choose the color that best goes with your home and add some details inspired by the concept of recycling.

A space in light tones and pastels that give a romantic touch to the environment. Also, this is one of the easiest spacers to remove.

3. Al natural

The idea of ​​bringing the countryside to the city is something that many enjoy and that may be possible thanks to the use of room dividers.

You have the possibility of having your garden inside the house and also separate some areas.

It is a natural inspiration but does not lose the modern side, as there are contrasts that make the space more harmonious.

4. Vintage

Were you seriously planning on knocking down that door? When we talk about vintage design, we do not necessarily have to include materials from the last century.

Just bring life to the old you have at home.

There is nothing that a good brush stroke does not solve, without a doubt in this example you can see everything that that door that you have full of dust in your backyard can serve you for.

5. Artistic

It’s time for you to take all those family photos and expose them to view with some artistic dividers. A wall of photos at home always attracts attention and adorns the environment wonderfully.

In the example in the photo, the separator has a very classic result: black and white photographs, combined with the same background colors.

This is one of the best room divider ideas that you can apply when you have a small space.

If yours is a more cheerful style of decoration, try other colors and you can even add designs or textures in the background to your dividers.

6. Rustic oriental

The outstanding feature of this style is nature. the separators must be made of environmentally friendly materials and have not gone through an industrialization process.

Trees, branches and stones are basic materials for its construction. In addition, it is intended that it be a clean space, that everything has an order and allows the entry of light in order to give more space.

7. Of threads

Do you want an inexpensive and easy separator? This is the solution; all you need are colored threads and take some time to weave them into a rod.

A style for the daring, who are not afraid of bright colors and prints. The key is to spice up your home.

8. Crystalline

One of the room dividers that do not go out of style. The sliding glass doors are tasteful, move easily and give us the opportunity to remain connected with other areas of the house. They allow the entry of light; they give the feeling that the space is wider due to the optical illusion that the glass creates. If what you want is for your house to have a contemporary style, they cannot be absent.

9. Asian style

This style is as simple as the basics of oriental culture. The use of black and white colors gives it a vibrant touch with red.

Without losing details such as the entry of light and the contrast with the neutral tones in the background.

And, with all these options, do you dare to design your own divider to redistribute the space in your home?

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