If your living room is lacking decoration and you don’t know what to do or buy, follow these tips to make useful, beautiful and inexpensive accessories.

If you want to decorate your room with original elements, inexpensive and according to your own style, it is time to make your own decorations. Next, we offer you different options for you to make unique creations of accessories for your living room, combining techniques and colors according to your taste and needs.

Spending time designing and making these crafts will bring you a feeling of pleasure and happiness, as it will help develop your creativity and at the same time help you forget about your daily worries.

1.- Dry branches as accessories for your living room

These types of trees are found in furniture stores and decoration houses. However, with few materials and a little work you can do it at home and decorate your room with it. Nobody can believe that you did it in such a short time and with so few materials!

What will you need:

  • 1 dry branch
  • Glue gun
  • Vase
  • Spray paint
  • Plastic flowers
  • Scissors
  • Decorative stones(to fill the base of the vase)

How it is performed:

  • First, cut the tall branches and leave the desired size.
  • Then paint in the chosen color. Ocher colors will be an excellent option.
  • Then let it dry.
  • Next, place the branch in the vase and arrange the stones so that it is more stable and does not fall.
  • Subsequently, place the flowers on the branches in the way you like the most and stick with the silicone gun.
  • Finally, decorate with the foliage as well.
“There is not a house so bad that it cannot become something worthwhile”–Elsie de Wolfe

2.- Centerpiece with candles

If you want to give your table an elegant touch, follow these simple steps and you’ll get a beautiful and cozy centerpiece with vel ace. In this way you can adapt it for Christmas or some special occasion.

What will you need:

  • 20 dry and short branches
  • Pineapples to decorate.
  • Plastic foliage.
  • 4 wide-mouth glass jars.
  • 2 meters of rustic twine.
  • 4 small candles.
  • Glue gun.
  • Wooden or cardboard base of 20 cm by 20 cm.

How it is performed:

  • First, take the twigs and arrange them in such a way that they form a circle on the wood or cardboard.
  • Then, glue everything with silicone so that it is fixed.
  • Afterwards, take the jars and give them three turns of rustic string and fix with silicone.
  • Subsequently, place them equidistant on the cardboard and fix with silicone.
  • Next, place the candles inside the jars.
  • Finally glue the foliage and pine cones.
  • Ready! Place in the center of the table.

3.- Fruit box cabinets transformed into accessories for your living room

With some drawers or boxes that you get in a commercial place you can make small cabinets to place decorations or books. To do this, you will have to stack them vertically or place them in a row horizontally. In addition, you can give them a colorful and youthful tone with different colors or paint it with ocher tones and thus obtain a vintage decoration.

What will you need:

  • Wooden drawers(3)
  • Nails(8)

How it is performed:

  • First, sand the drawers well inside and out.
  • Then paint in the chosen color.
  • Stack on top of each other and nail to secure.
  • Finally, locate in the place of the chosen room.

4.- Spectacular wall mirror

For this original ornament you only need a round mirror and materials to recycle.  It is ideal for a small room, since the mirrors tend to enlarge the place and give it lighter.

What will you need:

  • A round mirror 30 cm in diameter
  • Cardboard, 2 circles of 60 cm diameter
  • Carpenter’s tape
  • Black paint
  • Silicone
  • Different colored beer caps

How it is performed:

  • First, take the cardboard circles and glue them with silicone.
  • On the edges, place carpenter’s tape.
  • Afterwards, paint both sides black.
  • Let dry.
  • Then glue the mirror with silicone.
  • Finally, glue the lids around with silicone.
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