You will be surprised how easy it is to decorate with flowers and thus obtain an aesthetically beautiful place, to your liking, and with a unique aroma that only nature can provide.

Decorate your home with flowers and you will get multiple benefits. Aesthetically they look beautiful, since there are a variety of styles, shapes and colors to choose from according to the type of decoration of the place. In addition, they perfectly complement any space; for this reason, they are used in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

In addition to giving life to your home visually, the aroma will be exquisite and will transport you to that of a flowering garden. In fact, aromas can evoke lived experiences and remind us of places we have already been. For example, a prepared place to relax can be obtained simply by placing flowers.

3 ideas to decorate your home with flowers

Connecting with nature is the best thing that can happen to human beings: going back to their roots and valuing everything related to caring for the planet. For this reason, we want to propose a great idea for your home: decorate with flowers!

1. Decorate a centerpiece for the table with flowers

You can change the look and scent of your dining room just by adding a floral centerpiece. It is preferable for this type of decoration to choose tall flowers of different colors, such as roses. These have different shades of colors and each one has a different scent materials.

  • Color of choice roses(12).
  • Stones to decorate(6).
  • Water(2 cups).

How to do it

  • First, take the vase and place the stones(6) at the bottom.
  • Then add the two cups of water. It should only occupy the bottom, otherwise the flower will drown. It is preferable to pour a little water every day.
  • Next, clean the stem of each rose well. Leave only a few leaves.
  • Subsequently, cut the stems to the desired height. They should be cut diagonally, so the flower will be better nourished and will last longer.
  • Arrange the flowers alternating with the foliage.
  • Finally, put it in the center of the table.

2. Decorate every corner of your house with flowers

With jars or glass bottles that you no longer use and a couple of flowers in each one you can give life and scent every corner of the house.

You can make several with a few flowers and put them in the rooms, the living room and even in the bathrooms. For each environment you can make a special jar depending on its decoration.

They can also be combined with candles and some stones, so that we get a warm relaxing corner in every corner of the house.


  • Bottles of different colors and sizes(6).
  • Jars(6).
  • Rustic string(2 meters).
  • Color ribbon(1 meter).
  • Pieces of fabric worked(2).
  • Small flowers of different colors.
  • Water(required amount).

How to do it

  • First take 1 bottle or a jar and wrap the rustic string several times in the middle. When finished, just fasten with a knot.
  • Then take another bottle and go around with the colored tape. Finish with a firm bun.
  • Decorate the remaining ones to taste. It can also be left unadorned.
  • Place a little water in each container, only in the final quarter of it.
  • Distribute the flowers and foliage.
  • Place each vase in a different place in the house.

3. Bring your windows to life with flowers

This idea is great for lighting up windows. For this, you must use the electric lamps that were used before and that are currently being supplanted by other low consumption ones. With them you can make these magnificent vases:


  • Old lamps(6).
  • Rustic string(6 meters).
  • Small flowers.
  • Nails(6).

How to do it:

  • First of all, remove all attachments. This is easily done by unscrewing the metal part or cutting it carefully. Leave only the glass and metal part of the edge.
  • Then make 6 turns with the rustic string at the top and leave 1 meter of string to later hang.
  • Hang from the window frame at the desired height.
  • Then put water, only that it covers a third.
  • Finally, add the flowers.

With these simple steps you will be able to renew and give life to your home: learn to decorate with flowers and you will get many benefits. Connect with nature without having to leave the comfort of your home. Try them and tell us about your experience!

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