Reuse and recycle objects to obtain an original, different and economic decoration that respects the environment.

One of the great trends of today is ecological decoration. Do you know what it is? Next, we will present its pillars and we will give your ideas so that you can decorate your home following its premises.

If you want your home to look beautiful and at the same time take care of the environment, ecological decoration is for you! You will undoubtedly fall in love with the extensive decorative options it offers. Did we discover them?

What is ecological decoration?

It is a decoration trend that is based on recycling, reusing and reducing. What is this all about? Let’s look at each of these pillars step by step:

1. Recycle

The basis of ecological decoration is to avoid the generation of waste. For this reason, it is recommended to create decorative elements based on bottles, jars, boxes and all those things that we have at home.

You can make these decorations yourself or buy objects made from recycled materials. Today it is possible to find them at fairs and even online in handmade stores.

2. Reuse

The second of its pillar’s advocates giving a new life to objects that, otherwise, would go to waste. In this regard, the idea is to remodel furniture to make it what we need today.

3. Reduce

The minimalism along with this trend because it reduces the use of decorative elements. We know that it is impossible to buy absolutely nothing to decorate a home, however what we can do is reduce the amount.

In addition, it is recommended to always opt for materials that do not harm the environment or the planet’s animal species, thus avoiding fur, coral or ivory, for example.

Eco decorating ideas

The limits of ecological decoration are set by you and your creativity. Let your imagination fly, contemplate the objects you have in your home and get inspired! We leave you some easy to implement ideas:

1. Indoor plants

Perhaps they are the main decorative elements of this trend. You will find them in all possible sizes and colors. You can place them both on the windows or on the floor and on the furniture or even decorating the walls.

2. Dried flowers

The great advantage of opting for dried flowers is that they will never die! In addition, they will give your home a romantic vintage style that no one can resist.

3. Lamps made with jars

Take the jars of tomato or olives that you have at home, wash them well and then, get to work! Make a hole in the center of the lid of the bottle, pass the cable through there and screw the lamp. Close the jar, connect the cable to the electricity and turn on the light. Easy!

4. Dried leaves, pine cones and shells

Use items from the holidays or a walk in the park to prepare your decorations. You can make a collage with them or simply place them decoratively inside a plate or tray.

5. Reuse an old suitcase

An old suitcase can have a new life by becoming a flowerpot, a table, a bench or even a simple decorative element. Can you think of any more ideas?

6. Recycle old furniture

The options are multiple: you can paint them, change the drawers for wicker baskets, put new knobs on the drawers… If you have small children, that old low table can be turned into a slate table to play with a little special paint. Meanwhile, the old armchair can be renewed with a new upholstery.

7. Turn cans into something useful!

A nicely decorated tin can be a nice pencil holder, but also a flowerpot or candle holder. Remember to bend the edge of the can to avoid cutting yourself when using it.

8. reuse old clothes

An old jean can make a pretty cushion cover, while scraps of different colored clothing can create a patchwork style quilt.

9. Furniture with boxes or wooden pallets

Sanded and painted fruit boxes can be a good storage space, you just have to mount them one on top of the other and secure them with nails. And the pallets? They are perfect bases to create benches, beds or armchairs, you just have to add cushions or a mattress and the upholstery that you like the most.

Join the latest trend in ecological decoration and achieve a totally original and modern style in your home. Remember that recycling, reusing and reducing is the best way to protect our planet.

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