A fundamental component to give personal style to the office or home is the calendar. With these simple and inexpensive models, you will enjoy turning each page month after month.

Today, there are still those who make use of a classic but immovable element to organize their dates: the calendar. If you would like to make one your style, these tips will surely help you to achieve a good personalized calendar.

Despite the fierceness with which new technologies take over our daily lives, there are still some romantics who turn to pencil and paper. Beyond the comforts of the screen, some adore what a lifetime of tools conveys.

This article can be extremely attractive to these people. In this case, we will tell you how to achieve a personalized calendar so that you are always comfortable when reviewing the dates. You can use it for your office, your bedroom or your living room.

Benefits of having a personalized calendar

It may seem like a trifle, just an aspect that complements the millions of things you have on your desk. The reality is that it is not so; Those who work with meetings, appointments, and multiple reminders go to the calendar many times a day. In fact, it must be one of the most used elements in the workplace. Regarding the comparison with the technological tools that we have at our disposal today, it could be said that the traditional calendar has not lost many followers. In this comparison, the usual almanac has the following advantages:

  • Speed: it is easier to take a pencil and write on it than to take the mobile, open the application, add a new note in the calendar and add time, place and details.
  • Accessibility: Your phone may stop working or run out of battery. The calendar, for its part, is always there, at your disposal.
  • Relaxation: if you spend the day in front of the computer, it is somewhat stressful to change the field and write things down by hand. The mobile screen, in addition to being exhausting, can easily deconcentrate us.

How to make my personalized calendar?

After this defense of the classic, we will finally tell you how to design your personalized calendar. There are many ways, some very practical and others somewhat more creative.

1. Personalized calendar with photos

Today you can find many customizable templates on the Internet to fill with photos and make truly beautiful calendars. Thus, every time you review a date you will find your pet, a beautiful memory or your family members keeping you company. Without a doubt, one of the most effective options to lift your spirits and steal a smile from you at work.

The positive thing about these predesigned models is that there are many, they will save you time and you can edit them with any program on your computerYou can print them at home, if you have a good printer, and then attach the calendar rings. If not, another option is to take them to a graphic design house to do these last steps for you.

2. Custom cardboard calendar

This second calendar is more of a craft. To do this, you must have a white card which will be the base – 30 centimeters wide by 15 cm long; and 13 15.2 cm by 10.1 cm sheets.

  • First, you will have to make folds taking the large paper widthwise. Make them in the 11.4 cm; 13.9 cm; 16.5 cm and 27.9 cm. After marking them, fold it: you will see that it will take a pyramidal shape, like that of table calendars.
  • As for the month sheets, apply your creativity to create them. You can cut out the rounded or other shapes and you can also glue decorated paper to each of them. In bookstores you will find spectacular designs to give style to your personalized calendar.
  • As a third step, glue the smooth sheets to the decorated paper for the months. Do the same with the calendar and paste it permanently. A tip: decorate the interior as well, so that the blank spaces are not noticeable.
  • Finally, glue the calendar printed on colored card on the decorated sheets and ring them to the other structure. You can add, as a final touch, any other detail that you consider.

3. Calendar with photo frame

This third idea is extremely useful. To do this, you will need a picture frame that you don’t use. In addition, you must have a calendar printed on a sheet with days but without numbers or months. Logically, it should be the size of the frame.

The procedure is as simple as placing the sheet in the photo frame, as if it were a photo, and then writing the dates on it with a special chalkboard. Thus, through the combination of colors, you will have a fully recyclable and reusable personalized calendar month by month. Easy, fast and cheap.

Keeping your commitments and events organized will be easier if you have a personalized calendar in the style that you like best. Follow these ideas and enjoy a beautiful decoration for your work environment.

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