We present some ideas for you to include a children’s mural in the children’s room. A mural is an excellent decoration wild card.

Are you tired of your children’s room having a sober style? If you lack ideas when it comes to designing a beautiful children’s mural for the children’s bedroom, today we surprise you with an article that will surely catch your attention.

It is not necessary to fill in the entire wall or use the most intense colors to achieve a beautiful and appropriate children’s mural. Currently, what is sought is to know how to take advantage of the spaces and add discreet details in every sense: color, texture, shapes, quantities, etc.

Preliminary aspects to take into account

The walls of the room should preferably be smooth, since if they have reliefs it will be much more difficult to make lines. On the other hand, the best way to make a children’s mural is to opt for the minimalist. In this way, you can achieve a simple design but with a very attractive aesthetic.

What should be avoided when making a children’s mural? Dark, electric colors, cartoons and overloaded designs, as these tend to get boring and go out of style quickly. Likewise, we must remember that children grow.

Therefore, it cannot be expected that they always maintain the same decoration as when they were babies. Therefore, the best we can do is paint a mural that is beautiful, simple and that can please them for as long as possible.

Ideas for the children’s mural


One of the easiest ways to make a children’s mural is to paint the wall a certain color and draw two or three clouds of different sizes. Then we will paint them in one or more shades of a light color, which does not necessarily have to be white.

In fact, it’s best to create some visual effect with different shades to add beauty and depth; Although the design is simple, the color will make the room look very well decorated.

For example, you can paint the wall in a lilac color and add some clouds in different shades of pastel pink, leaving only a white cloud in the place that we want to make more attractive to the eye. In this way, we will be able to recreate a beautiful sunset.

On the other hand, in the event that we have chosen a shade of green for the background, we will create the feeling that it is a mountain or a natural landscape. In short, these types of murals are very simple and are suitable for both babies and children.

Trees and plants

Another very popular type of children’s mural is the one with trees and plantsMany people choose to simply paint the silhouette of the tree. In this way, it is not so childish to look at and a more “timeless” look is achieved in the room.

Regarding this type of mural, it is necessary to point out that not only trees and branches can be painted. Various varieties of plants can also be painted, such as a bamboo grove, palm trees, grass or cactus. It all depends on what suits the room best.

Also, do not just create the typical landscape. We can paint the wall in a light tone and add several small plants, which include elements by repetition. These can be distributed both horizontally and vertically, and even diagonally. Everything will depend on our taste and skill.

World map

Today, world maps are all the rage in interior decoration. The most striking feature is that they lend themselves perfectly to creating various presentations, for example, the mural can be painted as if it were a globe with earth tones and a blue background. However, to get the look of a true children’s mural we can do the following:

  • Leave the wall blank and paint the colored continents. Later we can add stickers with trees, animals and other elements according to the area. Thus, the set will be very nice and striking.
  • You can paint the wall in a neutral color and the continents in a different hue. The borders are highlighted in white and positive words or messages are written in the center of each continent. You could also write the names of the continents with the type of font that you like the most.
  • Another very appropriate option is to change the typical world map for the map of some fantasy work, such as Narnia or Middle Earth.

Geometric figures

The geometric figures decorate the room but do not overload it. Therefore, they do not capture the whole view and allow you to visualize the room as a whole. Like world maps, they support various designs. Some of the best ideas for making a children’s mural are:

  • Leave the wall blank and draw several small geometric figures. Only the edge can be colored in various colors or completely filled.
  • Another very modern and striking option is to draw the same geometric figure of various sizes in the central part of the wall and color it with a watercolor effect. You don’t have to take care of the lines too much. It is preferable that the color runs off the edges and fades on the wall.
  • For the most daring parents, we recommend painting the wall in one color and drawing a maze on it.

Remember that the children’s room is a place that should be fun enough for them, but we must not neglect comfort and privacy. After all, you also have to invite them to recharge after a day of school or an afternoon of games.

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