Here we present the latest trend in decorative curtains and why you should take advantage of it to decorate your home. Do not miss it!

For a couple of years, the trend when it comes to decorative curtains has been very clear: simple but with good taste.

We will not find baroque prints or fabrics with heavy drape. And while they will not be completely translucent as in previous years, they will let light through easily.

In and Out: trends in decorative curtains

1. Choice of fabric

It is totally out to hang several layers of fabric. To the contrary, as in it will hang a single piece of textile and appropriate design.

You are looking for a fabric with enough body, but at the same time light so that its drape is more or less linear. This is due to the rise of minimalism as a decorative trend, whose proposal requires simple and “pure” lines.

2. Noticeable bars

We can let the support bars show a little more than usual. Currently there are many proposals of different designs and materials: wood, plastic, metal, etc.; so, we have a wide variety to choose from.

3. Curtain fasteners

The same goes for curtain fasteners: they can be left on display and used to further embellish the window area. They are made of cord, rhinestones, stuffed toys, fabric, wood, metal, and there are even those who put on a trouser belt.

4. No to gathers and rails

It is necessary to avoid the gathering in the upper part, typical of the palatial style, this type of details is old-fashioned and prevents the curtain from moving.

On the other hand, it is important to note that the use of rails will be avoided and curtains will not be installed on the ceiling or immediately after it, but a margin of a few centimeters(minimum five) must always be left.

5. Colors of the curtains

It should be noted that the color trend of decorative curtains will be directed towards light tones. The use of unicolor fabrics will predominate, with some lace detail or other type of textile, hand painting(especially in metallic tones) or some discreet print of the same shade of the curtain.

In short, the fabrics that will take on the most prominence will be linen, cotton and sheer.

As you may have noticed, the details will preferably be subtle, with which, the quirky will be left out.

The colors of the decorative curtains

  • White color(with or without lace details).
  • Beige color(and lighter shades).
  • Some pastel colors, like lilac, pink, and salmon.
  • Gold color for details, finishes and finishes.

The choice of design

Where the decorative curtains are to be placed will greatly determine the choice of a particular design.

Simplicity in common areas

For example, in the rooms and common areas, the greatest possible simplicity will be sought to give an air of elegance to the room. However, bedrooms will allow certain floral prints or geometric motifs, as well as the use of some striking color.

The idea is that the windows do not become the center of attention in the rooms, but rather that they “merge” well with the rest of the decoration elements, so that the feeling of harmony and unity is greater.

Pastel or bold colors?

One of the types of decorative curtains that will best fit the bedrooms will be those that come in three stripes of one color each; for example: white, gray, ocher yellow or mustard.

Thanks to the use of three colors, we can choose a bar and bras with some kind of more elaborate design(a leaf, a flower, a monkey) in wood, metal and even plastic.

Curtains that are only one light shade(beige, ivory, white, and the like) will accommodate both metal and wood accessories.

On the other hand, decorative curtains that are unicolor and have, for example, a pattern of geometric figures in gold, will be perfect both in common areas and in bedrooms.

The important thing is that the curtains do not detract light from the environments. You have to take advantage of natural light to the maximum so that the place looks as elegant as possible and, above all, is pleasant.

Curtain Accessories

It is not recommended to use plastic accessories, unless they are well worked. Remember that for the result to be really elegant, you have to take care of this type of detail.

The translucent sheer in the pastel tones mentioned above will be a complete success in any room. It should be accompanied, preferably, with elements in wood or iron since the shiny metallics will detract from the color.

So now that you know the tricks to install fashionable decorative curtains, what remains is to start paying attention and decorate your home as you like!

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