A great idea is to place a footboard in your bedroom. They are very practical, romantic and functional. Give your room an innovative touch!

BoxWe want to introduce you to the footboards, ideal accessories to place on the edge of our bed. Almost all of us know the classic benches or trunks; however, there are many other pieces of furniture that you can put in its place. Keeping a bedroom well organized and tidy can be a difficult task if we cannot find the right furniture to achieve that order. In addition, if what we are looking for is that our room is beautiful and has a unique style, we will have to take into account not only the bed or the distribution, but also the functionality of the furniture.

What are footboards?

The footboards are one of the most stylish options for storing objects neatly in your bedroom. In addition, they are decorative and very practical, since they are large and have several functions.

Reinventing the footboards has become a trend, because with a simple gesture we can give our room a different style. We will achieve breadth by being able to organize and order our things effectively.

You can decorate them to your liking and choose from the options that we present below.

The best footboards you can imagine

The mix of style and functionality make them one of the most popular accessories; If you have enough space in your bedroom, do not hesitate to buy one of these footboards that we propose.


Perhaps the piece that is most used for this purpose. It is one of the most decorative elements that we can place at the foot of our bed. They are very useful since they allow us to keep everything that we do not want to be visible and, in addition, they serve as a seat bench.

You can store everything from your sheets to your shoes. It will depend on the size of the trunk. You can combine several of different sizes to create a more casual image; look for the trunk style that best suits your personality, be it more modern, rustic, ethnic or vintage.

Low tables

A cheaper option is to place a low table that is wide enough to allow passage from one side of the bed to the other.

A low table can also serve as a bench; Place some thin cushions for a cozier touch. Under the table, place storage boxes that match the rest of the room.


Banks are the pieces that are most used for this purpose. They are used as footboards on a regular basis, as they provide a modern and romantic touch at the same time.

Try to match it with the rest of the bed or break the style to make it the center of attention in the bedroom.

They are practical and help us to take off our shoes and put on our shoes every morning. Inside you can store what you want, so you will avoid leaving unnecessary things around the room.


Of all the footboards you can choose from, a shoe rack is probably the most practical. So, your shoes will have a fixed place in your room. Try to find one that suits your tastes and needs.

The shoemakers only will serve to keep the shoes, but depending on the model you choose, many give you the option to sit to help Calare.

Children’s bed feet

Don’t just think about the footboards for your room, your children can also have them in their room. In a children’s room a footboard will help to store the large number of toys they have.

As you have seen, the footboards are very decorative elements, which can give a different touch to your room and will allow you to save time in terms of the order and organization of your things.

They are very simple and comfortable accessories. Look for functionality in your furniture; If you buy a footboard that we have recommended, you will surely be very satisfied.

Go to your furniture store, ask about the news and trends in terms of footboards and choose the one you like the most

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