Here we tell you everything you need to know about garage doors so that you can install the best option for your home.

Garage doors are one of the elements that, in and of themselves, should provide sufficient security for our peace of mind.

However, they are not always given too much attention in terms of aesthetics. Which is why garage doors sometimes do not flatter the look of the home.

In our times, having a garage means not only having a space for our vehicle, but also another environment that can be used in various ways.

For example, to make various crafts, place the dog’s bedroom(in case it is a large dog) and even grow some plants.

Materials for your garage doors

  • Mix of wood with fiber. It makes it more resistant and durable.
  • It is a material chosen for its resistance and price. They can combine safety and aesthetics. Maintenance is also very simple.
  • They provide a warm and natural aesthetic beauty. But its duration is less than that of other materials. You can paint them in the colors you like.
  • You can find the most modern forms in these materials and make your garage door a true work of art.
  • Glass or fiberglass. They allow the passage of exterior light. They have less resistance to the passage of time. You can put plants and thus a garden in the garage.

Types of garage doors

It is becoming more and more frequent that people decide to change their garage door for a new one.

Mainly for two reasons. One is the aesthetic of modern doors, and the other, because current doors gain in resistance compared to the old ones.

In fact, its security and tightness are superior. As well as its durability against the elements

The convenience of opening and closing also influences when choosing.

Rolled garage doors

They are mounted on rails that are located on the sides. They have a shaft at the top that is responsible for rolling the door.

They can be made of wood or aluminum preferably, although it also adapts to another type of material.

A motor can be fitted to do the job automatically. They are used both in garages and commercial premises.

Swing garage doors

Generally, this type of garage door consists of two leaves that open and close. These leaves move thanks to a vertical axis that is located on the sides of the door.

Depending on the width of the leaf, enough space will be needed for it to open and make its way. They can be automated by placing automation arms on it and programming it.

Sliding garage doors

It moves from its place of closure to one of the sides. It has wheels on the bottom and rails with upper guides that keep them upright.

To be able to place them, enough space is needed so that the door can make the lateral travel, without any inconvenience.

It can be automated very simply:

  • A motor is placed.
  • End stop sensors.
  • It has a screwed zipper.

Sectional garage doors

They are ideal for when there is not enough space to open and let cars pass.

It consists of panels that are assembled and slide up to open.

They do it by means of side rails and are horizontal on the roof.

Insulation can be added to these panels to regulate the interior temperature.

Overhead garage doors

They can be with one or two folding leaves that go up towards the ceiling to open the garage.

When a part of the door is opened, it goes outwards during the journey until it reaches the ceiling and is parallel to it. This is why it makes the most of the space.

They can be perfectly automated taking into account some parameters:

  • Guide screwed to the ceiling.
  • Door weight to choose the appropriate motor.
  • It should have curved hardware that attaches to the door and slides down the track.

All these modern garage doors can be very aesthetically beautiful and adapt to the characteristics of the house.

In addition, they fulfill the function of protecting giving maximum security to the home. Violating them or trying to open them by force should not be an easy task for the peace of their inhabitants. This applies to all models.

Accessories that you can add to your garage doors

Taking into account the needs of each person, there are accessories that you can place on the doors.

In general, you can add accessories to any of them and any material that will make its use easier and at the same time give you greater security.

Among them we find the following attachments:

  • A safety stops.
  • Sensor to detect obstacles.
  • Remote control for remote control.
  • Flashing opening and closing light with sound.
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