If you are looking for some new and refreshing ideas to give your library a different touch, you are in the right place. We want to propose some tips so that you can carry them out in a fun and effective way.

If you are a lover of books, surely you have many shelves at home full of them. Libraries give homes some great touches, they add color, warmth and good taste. Today we propose ideas to renovate the shelves in your home. Would you be interested in discovering them?

Although it is true that the era of the digital book is already a reality, there are still people who enjoy the touch, the smell and the feeling of reading a good book on paper.

In this article we show you how you can give your library a spin, since there are numerous ways to transform it to make it more modern, original and, at the same time, functional. The important thing is to keep it organized so that you can find the books you are looking for more easily at that time.

Choose the ones that best suit your home style and try making them! These are simple tips that will allow you to enjoy your reading space.

Ideas to make shelves in your library

Many times, we do not have the space we need at home to organize all our things, including our books. We want to propose spaces that you may not have thought could be used to store them and create new libraries based on shelves and other materials.

1. Shelves in the living room

The classrooms often have holes and dead spaces that we never use. For this reason, we suggest that you put some shelves in a corner to support the books you want.

Take advantage of the architecture of the house and the construction of the walls to make custom furniture. They will be more original and more beautiful!

On the other hand, if you have a fireplace in the living room, take advantage of the small empty spaces. These are perfect to place our books there. You can improvise a library in a moment. You will only need some shelves or shelves to have a support.

2. Shelves in the bedroom

In bedrooms it is also very common to have books: there is no greater pleasure than reading a good book before sleeping peacefully.

If we have a built-in wardrobe, we will surely find a hole in the wall that has been left unused. Why not take advantage of them to install some shelves to store our books? Although they can not only support books, but also scented candles, lamps or a vase with a flower.

Also, you can create a headboard for books and give prominence to your adventure novels to accompany you in your dreams.

3. Shelves in children’s rooms

Nothing better than the fact that our children grow up in an environment surrounded by culture, books, music and art. Their rooms must have a special place where they can develop their abilities in the best possible way.

One idea is to put a lot of shelves and shelves in the room of children so you can store everything they need: stuffed animals, books, toys, dolls or paintings are the indispensable accessories.

4. Shelves in the bathroom

In the same way, surely in your bathroom you will find that special space so that you can deposit some good books. Although it will depend on the taste of each one, it may be that if the bathroom is very humid and does not have good ventilation, it is not advisable to leave them because they can spoil over time.

Tips for having a good library

  • Gather all your books, clean them and check their condition. Make a selection of the ones you like the most or keep them all. However, it doesn’t hurt to donate the ones you no longer want.
  • Take the opportunity to clean the shelves.
  • Think about how you want to organize them, either by themes, by authors, by alphabetical order or by the colors of the covers.
  • Take an inventory of all your books.
  • If you have a lot of books, you can add an identifying band on the back. 
  • Make sure that the furniture or shelf you use to store them is not covered by another piece of furniture. You have to have easy access to your books.
  • Once you have considered the idea you want to carry out, make it come true.
  • Books are treasured pieces by readers, so some care must be taken to keep them in good condition. To do this, it is necessary to avoid that the sun falls on them for a very long period of time.
  • The light makes the covers vary in tones. On the other hand, clean them from dust on a regular basis. Avoid having smoke or very strong odors near them, such as tobacco smoke, as it will cause that smell to permeate your pages.
  • Also, prevent them from getting damp and ventilate your house from time to time so that the books can breathe. And finally, enjoy reading whenever you can. 
  • These are some of our ideas. With shelves placed in places that you might not have imagined; you can make small libraries at home. Now it’s your turn, think about what hole you can feed with novels and read!
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